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Bone-Chilling Video: Tiger Drags A Woman Into The Wild In Beijing

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Last Updated: February 14, 2023, 12:08 IST

Delhi, India

The accident happened at the Badaling Wildlife World of Beijing.

The accident happened at the Badaling Wildlife World of Beijing.

The viral video of a woman being attacked by a tiger in China is actually from 2016.

A bone-chilling video from China’s Beijing has surfaced on the Internet again. It shows a tiger attacking a woman as soon as she steps down from her car. A video of the accident, which is from 2916, has captured the terrifying moment when the woman was hauled to the ground by the big cat. In the clip, a young woman is seen exiting the front of a vehicle, and moving to the opposite side of the car, opening the front door of the other side. Within a split second, a big tiger emerges from the forest, attacks the woman, and drags her back into the wild. Toward the end of the video, other two passengers from the car are seen rushing to the bushes to save the woman. This is an old video of the accident that took place at the Badaling Wildlife World, Beijing in 2016.

The tweet has amassed over 3 lakh views as of now. Social media users were stunned upon seeing this video and many felt that the woman shouldn’t have gotten out of the car. One of the users wrote, “Never get out of the car! Big mistake!”

Another user wrote, “With all the people that came to the rescue the tiger will definitely go on defensive and flee. Well unless the lady is destined to die that day”.

One more user wrote, “The last thing I would be thinking is me getting out of the car, what were they thinking?”

The video of the woman being mauled by the tiger was also shared by a media outlet in China in 2016. In the caption of the video on YouTube, the publication stated that “one woman was killed and another injured” in the accident. “The tigers attacked one of the women when she left her vehicle and walked a few meters away from the car. The surveillance video footage shows the woman being dragged by the tiger, which prompted the second woman, who later turned out to be her mother, to rush for help. However, she didn’t survive the attack,” read the caption.

Previously, a video of a tiger attacking a circus trainer during a live performance in Italy went viral on the internet. The clip, which was shared on Twitter, shows the circus trainer focusing on another tiger when the second tiger pounces from behind. The caption also read, “Circus incident of Ivan Orfei, attacked from behind by a Tiger in front of the children in the audience. Hospitalized in code red”. Watch the video below:

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    The tweet garnered over 22 thousand views ever since it was shared online.

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