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Elderly Woman Dances Her Heart Out At A Temple; Internet Says 'She’s Living It'

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Last Updated: April 01, 2023, 12:34 IST

Delhi, India

Elderly woman dancing passionately. (credits: Insta/

Elderly woman dancing passionately. (credits: Insta/ mayas_amma)

While a group of men can be seen playing Chenda Melam at a temple, an elderly woman standing at distance dances like no one is watching.

Someone has rightly said, "Never let your age extinguish your inner child". While we all believe it to be right, rarely have we witnessed people living up to it. However, the internet today has brought forth a video of an old woman, who is living up to that saying in every way possible. An elderly woman was spotted dancing her heart out. The video, which was shared by a Sexual Health Educator Swati Jagdish on Instagram, is now doing rounds on the internet. In the caption, Swati revealed that she received the clip on her WhatsApp, and it is from a village in Kerala called Ethanur Kummatti.

It seems like the video was recorded in a temple, presumably during some festivity. The video shows the scene of a decorated temple, with ample gathering. While some artists played the Chenda Melam, the old woman, standing at a distance, danced her heart out. Simply saying that she is grooving to the peppy beats of the traditional orchestra, will be an understatement, when in reality throughout the video she danced like no one was watching.

Beginning her caption, Swati wrote, “Badassery at any age!? Of course. Got this on a WhatsApp group. It was mentioned this was taken at the Ethanur Kummatti. I’m not sure this was taken with her consent.”

The Twitter user further wrote, “I shared because my heart was filled with happiness watching her. If any of her relatives want to get the video removed, you can mail admin@mayasamma.com with proof that she’s known to you, and I shall remove the video. Until then, we can watch and share some happiness, and be inspired that women can have fun at any age.”

This heartfelt video grasped the attention of several women, who took to the comments section and claimed that the old woman made them feel confident. One user commented, “Loved this! Watching women like this a few times has fed and nourished my confidence a lot in the past years. Such an amazing video.” Another commented, “I guess with age, we also grow a thick skin to not give a damn. This is a perfect example of ‘do your thing’!” A third user claimed, “Such a free soul! That’s what we all crave to be! That’s what we should all be! One life guys!! She’s living it."

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    first published:April 01, 2023, 12:27 IST
    last updated:April 01, 2023, 12:34 IST