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First Thing This Korean Blogger Did After Landing In India Is As Unusual As It Gets

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Last Updated: January 28, 2023, 15:20 IST

Delhi, India

Kim Jaehyeon was pretty invested in his drink.

Kim Jaehyeon was pretty invested in his drink.

This Korean blogger’s first stop in India was no luxury resort or famous location. Before anything else, he chugged a tall glass of sugarcane juice.

India with its rich heritage and diversity welcomes travellers from around the world to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From exploring the many hidden gems in the country to a spiritual retreat, these travellers visit for a myriad of reasons. Yet a certain Korean blogger did not seem to have his eyes set on some glorious locations India has to offer. Neither did he seek some luxury resort as his first stop. The blogger documented the first thing he did in the country and it is as unusual as it gets. After getting off the flight, he travelled on a two-wheeler to grab a tall glass of sugarcane juice. Kim Jaehyeon seemed pretty invested in the drink that he chugged in a single gulp. Check it out here:

Social media users flocked to the comment section to welcome him to India. Many had food recommendations for him to try. Others left him suggestions for places to visit. Yet most of all, Instagram users were in stitches over how Kim Jaehyeon finished the entire glass of sugarcane juice in a matter of seconds. “Bro drank sugarcane juice as if it was beer,” wrote a user.


Another user commented, “Seriously sugar cane… I thought he might go to visit some famous places.”

“Indians are moving to Korea and Korean people are moving to India, but we’re literally happy to see you,” another comment read.

Meanwhile, a number of South Koreans have been making India their travel destination recently. South Korean YouTuber Hyojeong Park might not have had a smooth sailing beginning on her trip to the country after being harassed on a Mumbai street, but she maintained that she did not want one bad incident to ruin her trip. The YouTuber who was harassed by two men in Mumbai during her live-streaming later shared a picture with the Indian boys who helped her escape the dangerous situation. She expressed her gratitude to the men who came to her rescue. Sharing the snap on her Twitter, her post read, “Lunch with two Indian gentlemen who helped me to post the video and saved me on the street… Aditya and Atharva.” Check it out here:

The accused were arrested after the incident sparked outrage on the internet. Hyojeong also expressed that she was happy and satisfied that the Mumbai Police took quick action against them. Furthermore, she added how thankful she was to people who helped her out and made her feel at home in India.

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first published:January 28, 2023, 15:20 IST
last updated:January 28, 2023, 15:20 IST