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Man Suggests Google Calendar With 'Cost of Meeting', Twitter Calls Him 'Genius'

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Last Updated: February 02, 2023, 16:29 IST


Man Suggests Google Calendar With 'Cost of Meeting'. (Image: Twitter/@Gaut)

Man Suggests Google Calendar With 'Cost of Meeting'. (Image: Twitter/@Gaut)

This Twitter user suggested Google calendar with "cost of meeting" and internet calls it genius.

Being a part of the corporate world, the meetings seem to be never-ending. Your calendar will get flooded with the updates but there will be no end to the meeting. However, Twitter user who goes by the name ‘Gaut’ has come up with a new idea and everyone on the internet has deemed him as ‘genius.’ He uploaded a picture of the google calendar. However, it is not the usual calendar. It comes with ‘cost of meeting.’ Yes, you got that right!

“Google Calendar, but it shows the cost of the meeting," read the caption of the image. Have a look:

The image, since uploaded, has gone viral. While many loved the idea, there were people who made sarcastic remarks. “All product managers should have this," wrote a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “I remember making a similar calculation (albeit old school mental arithmetic) in a meeting with 11 fairly senior people in, with no discernible purpose, no actions, and poor chairing/ timekeeping. It was the last of those meetings!"


Here are a few responses:

Meanwhile, earlier, co-founder of Zerodha, Nikhil Kamath, took to his official Twitter handle and expressed how he finds Microsoft Teams extremely complicated. He also compared the platform with Google Meets and Zoom. “Why is Microsoft teams so unnecessarily complicated, google meets, zoom etc, are so much simpler to use. Thoughts?" he wrote on Twitter. Since being put, the tweet has gone viral with over 337K views.

There were many who agreed with Nikhil. One Twitter user wrote, “yes. have moved entirely to Google Meet now. Internet is v stable with a larger group. And I refuse to take meetings on Teams. Esp on a Mac it’s hell. Zoom is ok but their renewals are weird." Another person wrote, “Absolutely. Have turned Google Meet into my default VC tool. Simple, efficient, syncs seamlessly with the phone’s calendar & seemingly secure. MS Teams and Amazon Chime are unnecessarily complex."

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first published:February 02, 2023, 16:29 IST
last updated:February 02, 2023, 16:29 IST