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Man's Tutorial To Elderly Woman On How To Use Smart TV Is A Hit

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Last Updated: February 04, 2023, 11:07 IST

Delhi, India

A patient tutorial on how to operate a Smart TV.

A patient tutorial on how to operate a Smart TV.

The young man patiently teaches an elderly woman how to operate a Smart TV. She looks pleased with herself for being able to find Netflix.

Modern technology can be pretty daunting when you are from a generation that has not grown up with it. Learning it does not have to be scary. Especially if you have a teacher as good as this man from a recent viral video. A clip from TikTok shared on Twitter shows a young man patiently teaching an elderly woman how to operate a Smart TV. He begins by explaining the different types of apps available for her to use, there is everything from Hulu and Prime Videos to YouTube and Netflix. He asks her to scroll down and find Netflix from the list and the woman looks pleased with herself when she does. He then teaches her how to the “square” is “controlling the table”. He then asks her to select it and that’s how their tutorial is cut off. Check out the clip here:

Social media users were in awe of how patient the man was in his teaching methods. Many wanted to sign up their parents for these wonderful tutorials. Others remarked that they continued providing their teaching sessions for their parents even after they had taught them several times. A Twitter user wrote, “I’d pay top dollar to get this for my parental units.”


Another user tweeted, “I need this for my dad! When I tried to explain to him what YouTube TV was, he literally could not grasp the concept. He has cable because the apps were too confusing.”

“My parents are big fans of the old ‘just do it when you get here in person.’ We’re not even on the same continent, but ok, if you don’t mind the wait, lol,” read a tweet.

Such kind gestures towards the elderly go a long way without taking anything from the only helping. In another wholesome clip, a Japanese railway official helped an elderly man easily deboard the train. It would have been an extremely difficult task for the man, who found it difficult to even move with the help of a walker. To properly assist him, the officer lays down a thick sheet of a walking platform. This closed the gap between the train and the station. The elderly man was able to safely walk out of the train without having to jump or make an extra effort. The bystanders were also huge contributors by patiently letting the elderly man first get off the train before they enter or exit the public transport.

The Internet lauded the Japanese culture and how kind and polite the people of Japan are.

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first published:February 04, 2023, 11:02 IST
last updated:February 04, 2023, 11:07 IST