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Nothing To See Here, Just A Cat Giving Little Girl Back Massage Like A Pro

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Last Updated: March 24, 2023, 15:11 IST

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The feline kneads its paws on the girl’s back. (credits: Insta/unilad)

The feline kneads its paws on the girl’s back. (credits: Insta/unilad)

The mother captured the unexpected moment when her daughter screams for her to come in, and she sees the cat giving a massage.

Cats are a lot of things: adorable, sassy, and loving. But them being a personal masseuse is rarely heard of. A video clip of a mother catching her daughter getting a back massage from their pet cat is taking social media by storm. In the clip, the young girl lies on her stomach, while the cat kneads its paws on her back. The mother in the subtext of the clip shared her disbelief and mentioned that her daughter screamed for her to come in and what she witnessed was totally unexpected. The cat at one point in the clip looks up at the mother as if to ask what the interruption was all about. Captioned, “Cat: ‘How’s the pressure?’” perfectly captures the hilarity of the situation.

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The clip has gone viral, with many finding it both hilarious and adorable. The cat seems to be thoroughly enjoying its role as a masseuse, while the daughter appears to be in a state of pure bliss. Social media users can’t stop gushing over the cute interaction between the two. Many have commented on how well the cat seems to be performing the massage, with some even joking that they need to hire the feline as their own personal masseuse. “Hey, you got that cat’s number? I got some back stuff I need worked out,” wrote a user.

Another comment read, “We can’t even get our cat to make us coffee.”

“The baby girl has her own pocket-carrying masseuse!” commented a user.

In another incident of a feline showering its human parent with love, a video of a cat using sign language to communicate with its deaf owner went viral on Twitter. The clip shows the man having dinner while his feline companion sits beside him. The cat has learned to use sign language to communicate with its owner, who cannot hear it meow. In the video, the cat successfully conveys its message to be fed thrice by using its paws to bring food to its mouth. It gains the man’s attention by touching him and moving into his line of sight. The heartwarming video exemplifies the unconditional love and intelligence of pets and their ability to adapt and communicate with their owners.

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    People were in awe of the adorable interaction. Yet it did not come as a surprise to most, given how smart felines are.

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    first published:March 24, 2023, 15:11 IST
    last updated:March 24, 2023, 15:11 IST