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Retired Teacher Finds 40-Year-Old Message In Bottle, Here's What Happened Next

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Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 10:41 IST

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Message in a bottle found after 40 years. (Image source: Facebook)

Message in a bottle found after 40 years. (Image source: Facebook)

Jeremy Weir found the note dated June 4, 1983, inside a bottle in the Pearl River.

A retired Mississippi school principal, who set out to find the owner of a 40-year-old message in a bottle, was finally able to locate him. The school principal identified to be Jeremy Weir is a self-described ‘treasure hunter’. He loves to go out on adventurous expeditions as described in his Facebook post. It was during one such adventurous outing that Weir came across a 40-year-old message in a bottle and what was more surprising is that he succeeded to make contact with its owner.

It was on Monday, January 16, when Weir located the bottle and quickly shared photos of it via Facebook. “Crazy thing happened today. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m always hunting treasure (and by treasure I mean old bottles, old wood, sea glass, fossils, etc). Well while hunting this afternoon I found an old Grolsch bottle with a ceramic top in a big drift on the Pearl River. I brought it home and started to clean it up and noticed something in it,” he explained.

Weir added that when he opened the bottle there was a note dated June 1983. “I opened it and found a plastic bag with a note in it. The note was dated June 4, 1983,” he continued. The school principal learned that the note belonged to a man named David Blanks, who lived in Jackson, Mississippi. David Blanks was only 3 years old when the note was written.

“To the finder of the mystery bottle, my name is David and I live in Jackson, Mississippi. I am 3 years old. If you find my bottle please call me at ###-###-#### - call collect. Good Luck and Happy Hunting” read the message in the bottle. Weir claimed that he was finally able to connect with David Blanks and his wife and they now plan to meet them to return the 4-decade-old bottle along with the letter.

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    According to Sun Harold, when Weir dialled up the number written in the old paper, he was surprised to learn that the landline was being used by David Blanks’ parents. They helped the school principal to connect with David Blanks who was seemingly thrilled about the note’s discovery though he could not remember ever sending it. As Blanks was only 3 at the time, it was one of his cousins who had helped him to make the letter and throw the bottle bear the city of Pearl River, a place far away from where it was recovered. It was Blanks’ cousin who wrote the letter but the former who was only 3 at the time did sign it at the bottom.

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