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Rs 400 for Two Gulab Jamuns? Twitter User Bitter Over Food Pricing on Zomato

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Last Updated: February 01, 2023, 15:04 IST

Delhi, India

Representative Image (Photo Credits: News18)

Representative Image (Photo Credits: News18)

A man who wanted to order Gulab Jamun called out Zomato after he found two Gulab Jamuns priced at Rs 400 on their online food delivery app.

Almost every Indian has a soft corner for sweets which is a must-have dessert after a heavy, generous Desi meal! But, stepping out of the house with a highly-satisfied stomach is too much to ask for! This is when Indians head towards online food delivery apps to order their favourite sweets while sitting at ease in their homes. If lucky enough, customers get their food at an appropriate price or else, they’re made to pay more for the luxury they desire. This is what happened with a man who wanted to order Gulab Jamun but found it to be very highly priced on the Zomato app. It showed the cost of two pieces of Gulab Jamun to be Rs. 400! Wait, what?

Twitter user, Bhupendra, shared a screengrab of an outlet listed on the Zomato food delivery app. It specified the original price of two Gulab Jamuns to be Rs. 400 which was brought down to Rs. 80 after a ‘generous’ 80% discount. Not just that, the cost of 200 grams of Gajar Halwa (carrot-based sweet pudding) was as high as Rs. 600. What kind of inflation affected the food outlet, we’d never know!

“400 rupees for 2 Gulab Jamun, 3000 rupees kg Gajar halwa, after that 80% off. Can’t believe that it is that much cheap. Am I really living in 2023? #Zomato is too generous for people living in 2023,” read the man’s sarcastic comment.


This sparked debate about the exorbitant prices mentioned on not just online food delivery apps but also other shopping websites where the tactic of fooling customers and attracting them to discounts is common. When the reality is that the aftermath yields no results as the discounted price proves to be the real, actual price of the product and this Gulab Jamun case happens to be the same!

Meanwhile, Zomato responded to the tweet and wrote, “Hi Bhupendra, we would like to get this checked. Please share the restaurant details via a private message(link below) and we will reach out to the restaurant to confirm their prices.” A user also shared a similar experience and said, “It’s a generous discount I saw a cold coffee with 1000₹ but was cut down to 120”.

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first published:February 01, 2023, 15:04 IST
last updated:February 01, 2023, 15:04 IST