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Watch: Here’s What Would Happen If A Human Gets Sucked Into Airplane Engine

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Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 10:53 IST

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Man vs Airplane: Not an outcome for faint-hearted. (Image source: YouTube)

Man vs Airplane: Not an outcome for faint-hearted. (Image source: YouTube)

The video showing the gruesome outcome has garnered over 11 million views on YouTube.

Most of us have imagined weird intrusive scenarios at one point or another. There is a morbid one that might not have crossed your mind but you can now witness it. If you have also wondered what would happen if a human body gets sucked into an airplane engine, you have come to the right place. As per a now-viral clip, you would get a disintegrated body, and a malfunctioning airplane engine. The simulation video was recently shared on YouTube showing exactly what would happen in this scenario. A human body gets sucked into an airbus jet engine during the simulation that was shared. As it begins to disintegrate, the airplane starts malfunctioning. Take a look at the clip right here:

Social media users were stunned by the simulation. Not only because the footage was terrifying but also because of how the plane started spinning around at the end of the clip. However, many users had a humourous take on the situation. A YouTube user commented, “You know, the idea of just being disintegrated on the impact of an airplane engine or a large fast-spinning fan blade is actually a lot less horrifying than thinking of what the milliseconds of damage are like.”

“I like the cute little noises and sounds added to the animation! It raises the gore level … like if the visuals were not enough for us to understand that this poor guy is going through a life-changing transition!” commented another user.

One more comment read, “When the man went into the engine, I was like ‘Ah okay, so I guess it’s assuming an un-breakable engine.’ And then the plane started spinning on the spot, I lost it.”

Several users mentioned that this was not just a simulation. This had indeed happened to a living human back in 2015. An airplane mechanic from Texas was killed after being sucked into a jet’s engine. The nightmare came true at the time when passengers were boarding from the tarmac, reported Fox News at the time of the incident. They quoted the National Transportation Safety Board spokeswoman Lauren Peduzzi saying that the mechanic walked in front of the engine and was pulled into it. It was unknown whether 114 passengers and five crew members boarding the plane witnessed the gruesome accident.

More recently, an airport employee from Alabama’s Montgomery Regional Airport died after being sucked into the engine of an aircraft. The incident took place on December 31 last year, when the baggage handler died while the flight was waiting at a gate, reported USA Today.

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first published:January 24, 2023, 10:46 IST
last updated:January 24, 2023, 10:53 IST