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WATCH: Man Casually Giving Bath to Huge Snake Leaves Internet Horrified

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Last Updated: December 04, 2022, 08:00 IST


Man bathes snake in viral video. (Credits: Instagram/@sakhtlogg)

Man bathes snake in viral video. (Credits: Instagram/@sakhtlogg)

This man calmly gave a bath to a snake by pouring water using a mug.

A video of a man fearlessly bathing a snake has gone viral on social media. The viral clip, posted on Instagram, has horrified and awed people in equal measure. In the video, shot apparently in a bathroom, the man can be seen bathing the snake by pouring water over it from a mug. While the snake tries to get away with the unwarranted bath, the man continues with his task.

At one point in the clip, the snake also goes on to bite the mug, however, it is not clear if the gesture was done in retaliation or just to express the reptile’s playful mood.

“Thande thande pani se nahana chahiye,” read the caption posted with the video.

Watch the video here:


The viral video has massed over forty-three thousand views and more than 1 thousand likes on the photo-sharing application. A user called the incident, “Very dangerous,” meanwhile another asked if it is even legal to bathe a snake, “Why? Just let the animal be. Is it even legal to do this?” One more joined, “Just stop. Please live and let live.”

According to a report by Reptile Craze, snakes usually do not require to be soaked or given a wash. Snake owners can seemingly keep a bowl of water in the reptile’s enclosure as it is considered sufficient for the snake to drink and soak itself, as and when it is required. The report claims that some reptiles might just keep drinking the water at regular intervals and some might tend to soak themselves for rehydration and thermoregulation.

However, there arises some instances when the reptiles need to be given a wash manually. It should be done when the reptile is dehydrated, shows signs of poor bowel movement, has a stuck shed, has mites, or is dirty.

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