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YouTuber Armaan Malik Introduces ‘Third Wife’ To Spouses. Watch His Latest Prank Here

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Last Updated: February 06, 2023, 11:54 IST

Delhi, India

YouTuber Armaan Malik is married to Payal Malik and Kritika Malik.

YouTuber Armaan Malik is married to Payal Malik and Kritika Malik.

YouTuber Armaan Malik pulled off a prank on his two pregnant wives, who got furious and threatened to beat his new ‘wife.’

YouTuber Armaan Malik has, once again, occupied a spot on the list of trends. All thanks to his “third wife.” In his latest clip, Armaan is seen introducing his two pregnant wives, Payal Malik and Kritika Malik, to his new partner. However, it is just a prank he is pulling on his wives. Both Armaan and Lakshaya (whom he introduced as his third wife) are seen wearing varmalas around their necks. His pregnant wives get furious upon learning about his marriage from him and threaten to beat up his new partner. However, in the end, Armaan reveals that it was just a prank, but his wives didn’t find it funny.

The clip opens with Armaan sharing details of the prank with his viewers. He gets help from his friend, Lakshaya (who poses to be his wife), his brother Nitin and friend Bhawani along with the staff. Cut to the next shot, we see Payal and Kritika seated on a sofa discussing how they are not feeling well. As the bell rings, Payal asks Kritika to open the door but the two are left confused when Armaan walks in with a varmala, and says, “Aakhein band karo, aakhein band karo. Surprise hai (please close your eyes. I have a surprise).”

Armaan calls Lakshaya, who steps inside with a suitcase and a box of sweets. The next moment, he asks Lakshaya to take blessings from his two wives. When Payal asks, “Kya kar ke aaye ho (what have you done)”, Armaan replies, “Shaadi kar ke aaye hai (we have gotten married)” and immediately instructs Lakshaya to serve sweets to all. Payal, still shocked, gets up from her seat and lashes out at the YouTuber as well as Lakshaya for their “drama.”

Calming them down, Armaan explains that they should not get upset as Lakshaya will now do their “seva.” But, furious Payal replies that she doesn’t need any “seva.” Kritika, who was equally upset with Armaan and Lakshaya, says, “Kaise se ho. Tumhe sharam nhi aati (what kind of a man are you, aren’t you ashamed)?”

To this Payal adds, “Pehle ek laa rakhi hai (while pointing towards Kritika), ab ek aur le aaye (you already have a second wife, now you have brought another).” Armaan again attempts to explain his wives that his third marriage will only bring happiness to them.

But the YouTuber’s explanations go in vain. Both Payal and Kritika lose their cool and even push Armaan and Lakshaya towards the door, asking them to leave right away. When Lakshaya speaks about her rights as Armaan’s wife, Payal and Kritika threaten to call the society, as well as the police.

The drama goes on for a few more minutes before Armaan and Lakshaya reveal their prank and end up laughing out loud. However, his wives were not at all impressed.

Watch the full video here:

Posted on February 2, the clip has clocked over 3.4 million views and numerous reactions from the viewers. One of them commented, “Prank will not take much time to convert into reality.” Some pointed out that the prank itself was staged as they spotted Kritika smiling in a couple of frames. A user wrote, “Two minute silence for those who think this prank is unscripted.”

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