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Fixing in Bangladesh cricket and the Indian conspiracy

Faisal Caesar | | Updated: October 7, 2015, 5:22 PM IST

Like the gloomy weather in Dhaka, the climate of Bangladesh cricket is dull and gloomy. On May 30, local newspaper Prothom Alo did a staggering and eye-popping report on match-fixing in Bangladesh cricket and dished out some horrifying facts which have left the nation speechless. The involvement of Bangladesh's most renowned cricketers was revealed, those cricketers on whom the nation had always looked forward to.

The involvement of ace Bangladesh batsmen Mohammad Ashraful has been the biggest shock for all of us. The ICC's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) was investigating a Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) match this year for which they questioned Ashraful and several other cricketers. According to local newspapers, Ashraful has confessed about his wrongdoing and also revealed the involvement of several other ex-cricketers.

Match-fixing's ugly claw in our cricket is not only limited to the BPL but it has happened in the past as well. The names of Khaled Mahmud, Mohammad Rafique and Khaled Masud have also been revealed by Ashraful.

The whole issue is still under investigation and the ACSU will reveal their final report within a week or so. And if Ashraful and others are proved guilty then strong punishments are required and the further involvement of those wrongdoers in Bangladesh cricket must be stopped once and for all. A poor performance can be forgiven but playing with the emotions of billions of fans deserves no mercy. Ashraful, despite being the most inconsistently inconsistent cricketer of our country, has always relished strong support from the emotional fans and the media.

But surprisingly, some of our cricket followers and intellectuals are smelling conspiracy in this issue. It's an Indian conspiracy as the bookies who offered money in throwing a match were all Indians. This is nothing new, though. In anything fatal our people are always engaged in blaming either India or Pakistan's conspiracy - even ISI and RAW's involvement is surmised. They totally forget to wash their own hands and engage on pointing their neighbours' loopholes.

Did India ever wish to get engaged in the BPL? It's people like you who have invited them. From anchor to commentators to technical equipments all were supported by India in the BPL. It's people like you have ignored local talent and put faith in foreign help. It's people like you always love to follow and copy anything from India.

If India has staged an IPL then you too should stage the same, right? You love to copy anything from India, so then why do you blame them? Shouldn't you be more trusting towards your own country's talents? Shouldn't you be more responsible in developing local talent? Have you ever thought whether you are well-equipped to stage such a show? Is your economy as strong as India's to run such a show?

With hunger in the stomach running such a glamorous show doesn't make any sense. And above all, for the improvement of Bangladesh cricket T20 leagues are never an answer. The Tigers need to play more and more longer-version games. The money and brain must be utilised to strengthen the first-class structure of our cricket.

Again, if the Indian bookies did offer our players money then why did our players take it from them? Whose fault is it? Evils can never pollute the soul until and unless you allow them to enter into your world. It will be sensible enough to correct your own mistakes rather than pointing towards others mistakes. And of course, it's always better to become poor hearing own heart rather than becoming rich via others advises.
First Published: May 31, 2013, 7:13 PM IST

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