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'A fit player can be in the game longer'

T Kumaran has a trainer certificate from the Victoria Institute of Sports in Australia. |November 26, 2007, 8:42 PM IST
'A fit player can be in the game longer'

Chennai: The craft of fast bowling requires the bowler to be very fit and train hard to be able to withstand the rigours of international cricket.

Most importantly the assessment as to how much load a bowler could take on is a vital factor since overdoing the training will mean that the player will be out of action due to fatigue or get injured and remain on the bench rather than helping the team.

Fully aware of these rudiments, former India pace bowler T Kumaran has understood the science behind these regimes and perhaps on the lines of what is in vogue in Australia, South Africa and England, he wants to be a trainer.

As far as becoming a bowling coach is concerned, Kumaran has had the benefits of having worked at the MRF Pace Foundation and learn the methods from pace guru, Dennis Lillee.

Kumaran already holds a Level-1 certification from Australia.

"Getting qualified as a trainer from Australia was my priority and I am already training few of the youngsters. By the time my playing days are over, I would be a fully equipped bowling coach in India," Kumaran told

Kumaran played just eight One-Day Internationals for India has opted to be part of the Indian Cricket League.

He says there is no set fitness regime to be match fit and to perform to one’s potential.

"This is where the trainers’ role comes in to play in assessing the strengths and weakness of the aspiring fast bowler. If the core strength is good, the rest should fall in place," Kumaran said.

Supported by a trainer certificate from the Victoria Institute of Sports in Australia in May 2006, Kumaran explained that when he was in MRF, he was overdoing his training part and his study to be a trainer in Australia was an eye opener.

"I learnt that no two bowlers are the same physically. What works for one will not necessarily work for the other. Each workout should be case specific and until the trainer understands how to deal with a particular individual, it could lead to complications," he said.

According to Kumaran, the fast bowlers need to keep away from too much cricket to avoid frequent injuries.

"There will be more injury concerns as the workload goes up. Training in the right manner is necessary. Fitness should only supplement ones skills. A totally fit cricketer does not guarantee runs or wickets. A player should understand that being totally fit can help him play the game round the year," he added.

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