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Aakash Chopra Suggests 8 Runs For One Shot And Other Changes In Cricket

Aakash Chopra Suggests 8 Runs For One Shot And Other Changes In Cricket

Aakash Chopra has shared 10 suggestions for existing cricket rules in a YouTube video.

A set of laws were established when the game of cricket was first played in 1877. Since then, many rules have changed and many of those were implemented to add excitement to the game. Since the game became shorter, many rules were modified and added according to the demand of the format.

Some rules of the game have created controversies and allegations have been made that the game has become easy for the batsmen and the bowlers have to struggle. Aakash Chopra, in a YouTube video, has suggested some modifications and additions to the rules of the game, to bring balance in both batting and bowling, and making the game exciting for the viewers.

Here are the 10 suggestions from the former cricketer.

  1. Aakash Chopra has mentioned to award 8-runs for a shot. According to Aakash Chopra, if a player hits a sixer, 100 meters or more, then the batsman should get eight runs.
  2. In line with the most recent ICC rules, two new balls are used, which has resulted in more runs being scored in the death overs. Fast bowlers’ most crucial tool, the reverse swing, was taken away from them. In addition, the spinners suffered because of the lack of the old ball.
  3. If a bowler delivers a bouncer and the ball is declared wide by the umpire, the ball should not be regarded as a bouncer in that over.
  4. The rule of leg bye should be removed from cricket. According to Aakash Chopra, this is a ball and bat game. The batsman should not get a run if the ball strikes his feet because he has technically failed to play the ball.
  5. The umpire should declare a batsman out when the ball is dead, according to Aakash Chopra. According to Aakash, if an umpire accidentally gives out to a batsman and the ball travels for a four, but the batter is not out under DRS, the team does not score any runs. That ball has been declared dead.
  6. Aakash Chopra also proposed making it a rule to grant a bowler in good form an extra over. If a batsman can play a complete 20 or 50 overs, why can a bowler only bowl 10 or 4 overs? Aakash Chopra believes that if a bowler is performing well during a match, he should be given further overs.
  7. Aakash Chopra discussed the possibility of enacting yet another intriguing rule. If a team does not finish the over in the allotted time, Chopra believes they should be obliged to bring another extra player inside 30 yards. With this rule in place, all teams will be responsible for the over-rate.
  8. The batsman should be given out even if the LED lights do not collapse after hitting the ball. Chopra claims that LED lights are heavy, and as a result, they do not collapse frequently.
  9. Outside of 30 yards, Chopra believes the umpire’s soft signal should be stopped. Chopra claims that the umpire will have no way of knowing whether or not the player’s foot is on the boundary line.
  10. On-field umpires should have the right to seek assistance from the third umpire in every judgment, according to Aakash Chopra. In addition, the third umpire should have the authority to overturn an on-field umpire’s incorrect decision.



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