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Ashes 2019 | 'Calmer & Hungrier' Warner Determined to Play Long Innings in England

Cricketnext Staff |July 25, 2019, 4:43 PM IST
Ashes 2019 | 'Calmer & Hungrier' Warner Determined to Play Long Innings in England

With 647 runs to his name, Australian opener David Warner ended up as the second-highest run-getter in the 2019 World Cup but there was a lot of talk about the rate at which he scored those runs. The left-hander said he is enjoying his role of a run accumulator rather than a being a dasher.

Warner said he is growing in confidence with his new avatar which is paying rich dividends already. The 32-year-old scored a 94-ball 58 in the intra-squad match in Southampton on a surface where every single batsman has struggled to get going.

"It was great for our mentality to go out there and switch from white ball to red ball and you couldn't have asked for more exciting conditions. You are not expecting a wicket to go up, down, sideways and swing," he said.

"You had five different elements to deal with and I thought it was a great hit-out for myself personally and a lot of the other guys as well. It just puts it in the back you mind that it's not going to be easy and you have to try and find a way to score."

Warner is yet to score a Test hundred in England where he averages 37.06, a mark considerably below his career return of 48.2.

"I haven't got a hundred. I think when I look back and reflect on how I've played over here, I fought hard, in the first innings I think besides one dismissal I got some pretty good balls, and that's what happens in this game and you've got to try to forget about that and don't overthink it.

"I know the Lord's Test I was a bit upset and missed out with [38] and the other boys got 200. They're always in the back of your mind, but now it's just a bit hungrier and determined to play that longer innings.

"I think you saw that during the white ball that I hung in there a lot, the old me probably would have thrown the bat at it quite often and today that was all I was focusing on, making sure my feet and my decision making was on point. I was happy with that but I've got to try to get those three figures."

Warner said playing grade cricket during his one-year ban in Australia has "helped me a lot with patience".

"The fields they set were very obscure, there was no pace on the ball, regulation balls and they had deep point which was like 10 in front which was very unusual and I asked the guys at the other end 'how am I going to get behind point' and I just couldn't, so I had to scrap and I really enjoyed that. It made me wait for the ball and I had to scrap for those runs.

"I've sort of adapted that out here for that white ball and there it was quite challenging and I had to find a way to, as Bucky (Rogers) always said to me at the other end 'if it hits the inside edge you've got to take that like a boundary' in a compliment, it's going to be very tough, so I've always got that in the back of my mind."

It's just not on the field, Warner is now also a lot calmer off the field. Listening to mellow music and doing meditation, this is how Warner tries to keep himself calm these days.

"That's probably why I had Lewis Capaldi (a 22-year-old Scottish songwriter and singer known for his brooding indie-pop music) on my playlist ... a bit mellow. For me, it's about just relaxing when I'm out there.

"I always am relaxed but I think just at training you try different things and for me, it's working. I enjoy that. The other guys laugh at me but that's how it is. I'm trying to train to get myself ready. I did it at home while I had the time off. I go running with the headphones in and it makes me feel like I don't want to stop after I'm a kilometre in."

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