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Asif wants second sample tested

The fast bowlers said the drugs could be due of the injections he took to recover from his elbow injury.

Press Trust Of India |October 18, 2006, 9:41 PM IST
Asif wants second sample tested

Islamabad: Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Asif, caught for a doping offence, has pleaded innocence and appealed to the Pakistan Cricket Board for his 'B' sample test to establish the fact before taking a final decision.

Asif, who was recalled from the ongoing Champions Trophy in India along with fellow speedster Shoaib Akhtar on Monday after the duo tested positive for Nandrolone, said it could be due of the injections he took to recover from his elbow injury.

"I have never used any performance enhancing drugs in my life. I can tell you very honestly that I have never ever come near to such substances," Asif said breaking his silence over the dope fiasco.

"The only possibility is that there might be something in injections I used during recovery of my injury. It is up to the Board how they take our cases. I will, however, request them to take B sample before making their judgement," he was quoted as saying by The News.

Asif said he had taken the injections in full knowledge of doctors while recovering from his elbow injury.

"During my injury and recovering process, I did use some injections only with the permission of and prescription of doctors," Asif said.

The 23-year-old said he was shocked to hear the news of the positive tests because he could not even think of such a move at the start of his career.

"I never have thought that I would be tested positive of any substance as I have not used anything like that. No young and upcoming bowler ever thinks of consuming such drugs. So no question arises of may involvement in such practices," he said.

Asif also denied reports that he smoked cannabis during Pakistan's recent tour of England.

"It is totally ridiculous. I have never used such things and those who are pointing at me should keep in mind the consequences. I do not know why some quarters are trying to implicate me in such things. I am not an addict and substances found in the test do not reveal anything like that," he said.

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