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At Times to Survive in England You Have to Leave The Loose Balls: Shubman Gill

Shubman Gill (AFP Photo)

Shubman Gill (AFP Photo)

Shubman Gill talks about the biggest learning from his time with India A and U-19 teams on England tours.

Shubman Gill reckons that for a batter to score runs in England, it’s vital to maintain a positive mindset with an intent to score runs. Survival should be secondary as when one starts looking out for runs, the pressure shifts onto the bowler from a batter.

Gill reveals that during his time with India A and U-19 teams, he was advised to always play a certain number of deliveries to start scoring runs. But now, his approach has changed.

“When I toured England with India A and the Under-19 team, everyone asked me to play a certain number of balls if I wanted to score runs," Gill told Stars Sports’ Cricket Connected. “But I feel, your intent to score runs should never go on the back seat and you should look to survive. When you are looking to score runs, the bowlers get to the back foot and you can put some pressure on the bowler."

Gill, who has so far played seven Tests and scored 378 runs at 34.36, though understands the value of settling in and knows not every loose ball deserves to be punished.


“If you are just looking to survive, you tend to get more good balls than you should be getting. I think, at times to survive in England you have to leave the loose balls. So, that was my learning from the India A and Under-19 tour," he said.

India are in England for six Tests - the first of which will be the final of the ICC World Test Championship that starts this Friday against New Zealand in Southampton. Following that, the tourists will have a long break of over a month before they return to action with a five-math Test series against England.

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