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Bangladesh vs Australia, 2nd Test Day 1, Highlights - As It Happened

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: September 4, 2017, 5:10 PM IST

2nd Test, Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong 04 - 08 September, 2019

Toss won by Bangladesh (decided to bat)

Australia beat Bangladesh by 7 wickets

Man of the Match: Nathan Lyon

Bangladesh vs Australia, 2nd Test Day 1, Highlights - As It Happened

Nathan Lyon. (AP Photo)

PREVIEW BAN vs AUS: Australian captain Steve Smith said on Sunday he was considering fielding three spinners in the must-win Test against Bangladesh after their shock loss on a turning wicket in the series opener. Australia suffered their first-ever Test defeat against Bangladesh last week and are desperate to restore some lost pride when the teams meet in the second and final Test starting in Chittagong on Monday. Bangladesh, ranked ninth in the ICC Test rankings to Australia's fourth, are hoping to shed their underdog status with a series sweep against Smith's men. Overcoming the home team's spinners is one of Australia's biggest challenges. All but one of Australia's 20 wickets in the series opener fell to spin, and the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium pitch in Chittagong is expected to favour slow bowling. Australia have recalled left-arm spinner Steve O'Keefe for the injured Josh Hazlewood and could play him alongside their frontline spinners Nathan Lyon and Ashton Agar. Smith said no final decisions had been made, with rain interrupting their last training session Sunday and preventing an inspection of the wicket. But the skipper hinted at fielding a spin attack.

SQUADS: Bangladesh Playing XI: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Imrul Kayes, Mominul Haque, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (c & wk), Sabbir Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Mehidy Hasan, Taijul Islam, Mustafizur Rahman
Australia Playing XI: David Warner, Matt Renshaw, Steven Smith (c), Peter Handscomb, Glenn Maxwell, Hilton Cartwright, Matthew Wade (wk), Ashton Agar, Pat Cummins, Steve O'Keefe, Nathan Lyon

Commentary (Australia innings)

So that's it from us for this game. Australia came back strongly to level the 2-match Test series. They will have their heads high as they head to India for a 5-match ODI series and a 3-match T20I series which begins on 17th September. Bangladesh on the other hand would have hoped to win the series but a draw against Australia is quite a positive result as they prepare for the tour of South Africa. We look forward to your company in the future. Until then, goodbye and take care!

Nathan Lyon and David Warner have shared the Player of the Series award. As Lyon spoke earlier, David Warner now gets the chance to talk. He says he adopted the grafting approach from his former teammate, Chris Rogers. Informs that it took him around 15 Tests to figure out what works for him best. Says that he hadn't had much success in these conditions and there were some doubts in his mind. Ends by saying that it feels nice to play some good cricket and draw the series.

Man of the Match, Nathan Lyon says that it was a really good wicket to bowl on for spinners. Applauds his bowling group for keeping it really tight. Reckons that they haven't been successful in the subcontinent so they already knew it was going to be a tough challenge for them.

Steven Smith feels that his team played some great cricket in this match, they bowled really well in the first innings and Nathan Lyon was remarkable. Mentions that they could have taken a bigger lead but credits Bangladesh for restricting them. Feels that they need to rectify their batting woes. Adds that these are different conditions but believes that it will help them in future. Further adds that they have a stern test ahead in India and then Ashes. On David Warner, he says that he found good gaps. Hopes that youngsters like Handscomb will keep performing.

Mushfiqur Rahim starts by crediting the Australians for coming back strongly in this Test. Mentions that they failed to make the most of the conditions in the first innings which made things difficult for them. Adds that it was a good wicket to bat on. Reckons that there is always room for improvement regardless what the result is. Credits Nathan Lyon for bowling right lines and lengths. Applauds Shakib Al Hasan for playing brilliantly in the first Test. Ends by saying that they will look to do good against South Africa in the upcoming tour.

The hosts were way below par in their second innings too. Once again the top order collapsed and then there wasn't much fight shown. Chasing a paltry target, Australia did lose three wickets but were never in any kind of real danger. Peter Handscomb and Glenn Maxwell did the finishing job and the tourists achieved a comprehensive win.

Bangladesh won a vital toss but failed to capitalize. They lost their top half in no time and it required the century partnership between Rahim and Sabbir to get them to a respectable total on the board. In reply, David Warner scored one of his finest hundreds in Test cricket and his partnerships with Steven Smith and Peter Handscomb provided Australia a handy first innings lead.

Outstanding victory for Australia. They were under the pump after losing the first Test against a lower ranked team but bounced back superbly. Nathan Lyon was the chief architect of their win, claiming 13 wickets in the match as he completely ran amok. He set it up nicely for his team and then his teammates followed the good work with the bat.

15.3 N Hossain to Maxwell, SIX! Maxwell ends the Test in style! Nasir Hossain switches to around the wicket and bowls a flighted full ball around middle, Maxwell latches onto it and hoists it over mid-wicket for a maximum. Smiles return in the Australian camp. Handshakes all around in the middle. Australia win by 7 wickets and level the 2-match series 1-1! 87/3

15.2 N Hossain to G Maxwell, FOUR! Savage cut shot! Short in length and outside off, Maxwell camps back and spanks it through cover-point for a cracking boundary. 81/3

15.1 N Hossain to G Maxwell, Flighted full ball on off, driven off the front foot to mid off. 77/3

Nasir Hossain to bowl.

14.6 Al Hasan to Maxwell, Arm ball on middle, skidding back into the batsman, Maxwell gets back and helps it through mid-wicket for one. 9 more needed for a win! 77/3

14.5 Al Hasan to Maxwell, Fetches a full ball from outside leg and reverse sweeps it through backward point for a couple of runs. 76/3

14.4 Al Hasan to Handscomb, Short and around leg, Peter goes back and turns it through backward square leg for a single. 74/3

14.3 Al Hasan to Handscomb, Slower through the air, full and around leg, Handscomb defends it to short leg. 73/3

14.2 Al Hasan to Handscomb, Flatter and around leg, Peter uses his feet and taps it down to short leg. 73/3

14.1 Al Hasan to Handscomb, FOUR! Loopy full ball around middle and leg, Handscomb advances down to the pitch of the delivery and creams his drive through covers for a beautiful boundary. 73/3

13.6 T Islam to Maxwell, Floated and outside off, Maxwell tries to get fancy with a reverse sweep but fails to connect. 69/3

13.5 T Islam to Maxwell, FOUR! Flighted ball, full and around off, skidding into the batsman, Maxwell goes down on one knee and sweeps it firmly through mid-wicket for a boundary. 69/3

13.4 T Islam to Maxwell, Goes inside the crease and mistimes his punch back to the bowler. 65/3

13.3 T Islam to Maxwell, Maxwell has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 65/3

13.2 T Islam to Handscomb, Skidding back into the batsman from around middle, Handscomb punches it through mid-wicket for a run. 65/3

13.1 T Islam to Maxwell, Goes back and cuts it towards covers for a single. 64/3

12.6 Al Hasan to Handscomb, Not out! Waste of a review. Flatter delivery, short and around off, Handscomb goes deep inside the crease with the cut shot but is cramped for room. He, however, keeps it out at the last moment but it seems that the ball hit his back pad too. They appeal but nothing from the umpire. Rahim opts for a delayed referral but the replays detect only the involvement of bat. 63/3

Appeal for an lbw! Not given and a late call by Mushfiqur Rahim to take the DRS.

12.5 Al Hasan to Handscomb, Draws forward to defend and gets it away from the inner half of the bat towards short leg. 63/3

12.4 Al Hasan to Handscomb, FOUR! Effortless! Loopy full ball on off, spinning away, once again good use of the feet by Handscomb as he caresses his drive through extra cover for a glorious boundary. 63/3

12.3 Al Hasan to Handscomb, Gets forward to a full ball and defends it watchfully. 59/3

12.2 Al Hasan to Maxwell, Pushed to the cover region by the batsman. One run added to the total. 59/3

12.1 Al Hasan to P Handscomb, Flighted and full around leg, Peter gets down the track and drills it through wide mid on for three runs. 58/3

11.6 T Islam to Maxwell, Flatter and on middle, straightening a touch, Maxwell gets behind the line and punches it back to the bowler. 55/3

11.5 T Islam to Maxwell, Quicker through the air on off, Maxwell plays the reverse sweep but finds point. 55/3

11.4 T Islam to Maxwell, SIX! Big shot from the Big Show! He attacks the full ball in his half and dismisses it over long on for a biggie. Stand and deliver! 55/3

11.3 Islam to Maxwell, Shout for an lbw! Arm ball on middle and leg, skidding in, Maxwell tries to defend but gets an inside edge onto the pads. 49/3

11.2 T Islam to Handscomb, Flighted and full ball on middle, eased towards mid on for a single. 49/3

11.1 T Islam to Handscomb, Advances down the track to a full ball and defends it to short leg. 48/3

10.6 Al Hasan to Maxwell, Shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot. 48/3

10.5 Al Hasan to Maxwell, Fuller and on off, Maxwell fails to middle his sweep shot. It gets deflected to the off side from the keeper's pads. 48/3

10.4 Al Hasan to Renshaw, OUT! 50th Test wicket in Chittagong for Shakib! A flighted ball outside off, going straight on after landing, Renshaw goes on the back foot and across to play at it but edges it behind. Another sharp catch by Rahim and Australia lose their third wicket. 38 more needed for a win! Glenn Maxwell is the new man, striding out to bat in his Baggy Green. 48/3

10.3 Al Hasan to Renshaw, Gives it good flight and lands it full outside off, Renshaw prods forward in defense. 48/2

10.2 Al Hasan to Renshaw, A shade short and landing outside off, Matt goes on the back foot and defends it to the off side. 48/2

10.1 Al Hasan to Renshaw, Floated full ball on off, Renshaw leans forward and defends it back. 48/2

Change of ends for Shakib Al Hasan.

9.6 T Islam to Renshaw, Stays back footed to a shortish ball and punches it in the gap at extra cover for a run. 48/2

9.5 T Islam to Renshaw, Turning back into the batsman from outside off, Renshaw goes on the back foot and defends. 47/2

9.4 T Islam to Handscomb, Very full and on off, Peter digs it out to cover-point where Nasir Hossain makes a diving stop. However, it's not a clean one and they take a single. 47/2

9.3 Islam to M Renshaw, Flighted and outside off, Renshaw gloves his attempted reverse sweep and it travels down to third man for a single. 46/2

9.2 T Islam to Handscomb, Loopy full ball outside off, Handscomb leans forward and pushes it with the spin to point for a brisk single. 45/2

Peter Handscomb walks in next.

9.1 T Islam to Smith, OUT! Drinks break has done the trick! Smith has to walk back! Quicker delivery outside off, Smith goes to cut this time. Gets a bottom edge on it and the ball goes straight into the gloves of the keeper. The players appeal but Steven Smith has already started walking back. Bangladesh erupt in joy and they will sense some hope of a win now. Australia need 42 more runs to win. 44/2

Drinks on the field. 42 more needed for Australia to level the series.

8.6 M Rahman to Smith, Short ball targeted at the body of the batsman, Smith swivels and just helps it along to fine leg for a run. 44/1

8.5 M Rahman to Renshaw, Full and angling into the batsman, Renshaw quietly works it wide of the mid-wicket fielder for a single. 43/1

8.4 M Rahman to Renshaw, Back of a length delivery wide outside off, Renshaw is content in leaving it for the keeper. 42/1

8.3 M Rahman to Renshaw, Attempts for the yorker but it reaches the batsman on a full toss, Renshaw flicks it through mid-wicket and takes a couple of runs. 42/1

8.2 M Rahman to Renshaw, Good length delivery in the channel outside off, holding its line, Matt shoulders arms. 40/1

8.1 M Rahman to Smith, Short in length around leg, Smith turns inside the crease and pulls it across the line. Does well to keep it all along the carpet and the fine leg fielder moves across to his left to stop the ball. A single taken. 40/1

7.6 T Islam to Renshaw, Appeal for an lbw! Tossed up ball outside off, Renshaw tries to sweep but misses. He is rapped on the pads, they appeal but the impact is quite outside the line. The umpire shakes his head. 39/1

7.5 T Islam to Renshaw, Spinning back into the batsman from around off, Renshaw goes back and works it with the spin to backward square leg. 39/1

7.4 T Islam to Smith, Fires in a quicker one, on middle, Steven goes back and nudges it to fine leg for one. 39/1

7.3 T Islam to Smith, Dances down the track and pushes a full ball back to the bowler. 38/1

7.2 T Islam to Smith, FOUR! Another one. Lovely wristy shot by him. He leans into a full ball outside off and drives it through covers for a delightful boundary. Two fielders were after it but the ball won the race. 38/1

7.1 Islam to Smith, FOUR! Take that for a shot! Flighted full ball on off, Smith runs down to the pitch of the delivery, doesn't allow it to spin and spanks it over the bowler's head for a boundary. 34/1

Taijul Islam to have a go. 56 more needed for a win.

6.6 M Rahman to Renshaw, Spears a full ball on off, Renshaw digs it out back to the bowler. 30/1

6.5 M Rahman to Renshaw, Renshaw picked that bouncer early and let it through to the keeper. 30/1

6.4 M Rahman to Renshaw, Good length ball on off, Matt defends it off his back foot. 30/1

6.3 M Rahman to Renshaw, Fuller and off, Renshaw pushes it with gentle hands to mid on. 30/1

6.2 M Rahman to Renshaw, Short delivery around off, Renshaw drops his wrists and sways away from the line of delivery. 30/1

6.1 M Rahman to Smith, Fullish and on middle, Smith gets across the stumps and flicks it in front of square leg. They cross for a run as the fielder misses his shy at the bowler's end. 30/1

5.6 Al Hasan to Renshaw, Flatter through the air, short and outside off, Renshaw goes back to work it through the line but it takes the outside edge and runs down to third man for a couple of runs. 29/1

5.5 Al Hasan to Renshaw, Plays with the spin from the crease but finds the backward square leg fielder. 27/1

Mid on drops back.

5.4 Al Hasan to Renshaw, SIX! Out he comes, away she goes! What a cracking shot. Swift footwork by Renshaw again. He reaches the pitch of the ball in a flash and launches it over long on for a maximum. He is looking to finish it quickly. 59 runs needed now! 27/1

5.3 Al Hasan to Renshaw, Further slows it up in the air, lands it full around off, Renshaw opts for the front foot defense but it takes the inside half of the bat and rolls to square leg. 21/1

5.2 Al Hasan to Renshaw, FOUR! Flighted full ball on off, turning back in at 77.9 kph, Renshaw jumps out of the crease and powers it over mid on for a boundary. 21/1

5.1 Al Hasan to Renshaw, Flatter and a touch shorter on off, Renshaw goes back to punch it towards mid on. 17/1

4.6 M Rahman to Smith, FOUR! Off the mark first ball! Angling away from the batsman, outside off, Smith reaches out for it and runs it down to third man for a boundary. 17/1

Steven Smith walks in next.

4.5 M Rahman to Warner, OUT! Warner holes out! Mustafizur once again gets better of his Hyderabad skipper in the Indian T20 League. Once again it's the short ball which does the trick, just like it did in the first innings. It's around off, rising onto the batsman, Warner jumps to pull but fails to keep it down. It goes aerial to Soumya Sarkar in the deep who pouches it safely in front of square on the leg side. 73 more needed by Australia for a win! 13/1

4.4 M Rahman to Renshaw, Goes for the yorker around off, Renshaw digs it out to mid-wicket and rotates the strike. 13/0

4.3 M Rahman to Renshaw, Fullish and on off, Renshaw gets forward with a little front foot movement and blocks it with a straight bat. 12/0

4.2 M Rahman to Warner, Great shot! Warner fetches a short ball from outside off and pulls it in front of square leg for a single. 12/0

4.1 M Rahman to Warner, Good length ball on off, Warner keeps himself on the back foot and punches it towards covers. 11/0

3.6 Al Hasan to Renshaw, Good bowling! Landing outside off, Matt plays for the inward spin and gets beaten. 11/0

3.5 Al Hasan to M Renshaw, Fuller and outside off, driven off the front foot to mid off. 11/0

3.4 Al Hasan to Warner, Shakib pulls his length back and bowls it on off, Warner goes back and uses the spin to work it through mid-wicket for a run. 11/0

3.3 Al Hasan to Warner, Attempts another aggressive shot but misses. This time it spins back into him with extra bounce, Warner tries slogging but it takes his gloves and hits him on the thigh pad. 10/0

3.2 Al Hasan to Warner, A shade short and around off, Warner gets forward and plays it with the spin to mid-wicket. Looks for a run but then turns it down. 10/0

3.1 Al Hasan to Warner, FOUR! Swings and swings hard! Flighted full ball landing around off, turning back in, Warner kneels and nails his slog over mid-wicket for a boundary. Good extension of arms there by Davey. 10/0

2.6 M Rahman to Renshaw, Wayward delivery, short and angling down the leg side, Renshaw tries playing at it but fails to make any connection. Rahim dives to his right to make the stop. However, it's not cleanly done. 6/0

2.5 M Rahman to Renshaw, Goes full and puts it on off, angling in, Renshaw defends it solidly from the back foot. 6/0

2.4 M Rahman to Renshaw, Back of a length delivery outside off, shaping back in a bit, Renshaw goes on his toes and then makes a leave. 6/0

2.3 M Rahman to Renshaw, On a length around off, blocked from the back foot again. 6/0

2.2 M Rahman to Renshaw, FOUR! Very risky though. A full ball is speared into the batsman, landing around middle, Renshaw shuffles across a bit and tickles it off the inner half of the bat to fine leg. A boundary. Believe me, had he missed that, he would have been a plumb lbw candidate. 6/0

2.1 M Rahman to Renshaw, Good length ball around off, Renshaw defends it from the back foot. 2/0

Leg gully moves out. Deep backward square leg and fine leg in place.

1.6 Al Hasan to Warner, Loopy and around off, Warner lunges to defend it with his bat and pad together. A stifled appeal for an lbw, nothing from the umpire. 2/0

1.5 Al Hasan to Warner, Warner stays back and with the spin works it towards mid-wicket. 2/0

1.4 Al Hasan to Warner, Shortish and on off, Warner gets back to hit it across the line. Connects well but it hits the shin pad of the short leg fielder. 2/0

1.3 Al Hasan to Warner, Flighted full again, around off, Warner defends it off his front foot. 2/0

1.2 Al Hasan to Warner, Australia are away! Not in a convincing manner though. Flighted and full around off, David walks down the track and lofts it over the bowler's head. Doesn't middle it but it falls safely in the deep. The ball stops before the rope and they take a couple of runs. 2/0

1.1 Al Hasan to Warner, Full and around off, turning back in, Warner plays it with the spin to short leg. 0/0

Shakib Al Hasan to bowl from the other end. A slip, leg gully and short leg in place.

0.6 M Rahman to Renshaw, Short ball on off, Renshaw stays on the back foot and presents a straight bat in defense. A maiden to begin the chase! 0/0

0.5 M Rahman to Renshaw, Back of a length ball on off, Matt pushes his weight on the back leg and defends it to mid-wicket. 0/0

0.4 M Rahman to Renshaw, Good length ball just around off, going straight on after landing, Renshaw covers the line and shoulders arms. 0/0

0.3 M Rahman to Renshaw, Angles in a full ball on off, Renshaw prefers staying back as he defends it back to the bowler. 0/0

0.2 M Rahman to Renshaw, This time Rahman is too full in length and around off, Matt pushes it through the line but finds the short cover fielder. 0/0

0.1 M Rahman to Renshaw, Beaten first up! Rahman runs in and serves a length ball outside off, staying low after landing, Renshaw pushes at it from the back foot and misses. 0/0

First Published: September 4, 2017, 10:13 AM IST

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