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Live: Critics question BCCI's decision on Srinivasan, Dalmiya

While PCA chief IS Bindra said the BCCI meet was a 'drama', ex-board secretary Jaywant Lele said its outcome was 'unconstitutional'.

CNN-IBN |June 2, 2013, 10:16 AM IST
Live: Critics question BCCI's decision on Srinivasan, Dalmiya

New Delhi: 6:56 pm: Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) president IS Bindra says BCCI meeting was all a drama. "People sitting in Delhi were controlling this. This meeting was orchestrated and coordinated," Bindra says. He further said that since Srinivasan has not resigned, there was no question of an interim president.

6:02 pm: Former board secretary Jaywant Lele says, "They have done all this unconstitutionally. How can Jagmohan Dalmiya be interim president when Srinivasan has not resigned."

5:40 pm: Srinivasan announces he will not discharge his duties as the President of the Board till such time that the probe in IPL scandal is over. Jagmohan Dalmiya will conduct the day to day affairs of the Board till that time.

5:24 pm: Former BCCI Secretary to CNN-IBN: I have told the Committee that I am not keen to continue in BCCI. I will not withdraw my resignation.

5:25 pm: Former BCCI Treasurer Ajay Shirke says, "There is no provision for an interim president in BCCI's constitution. I am not sure how this is a legally credible solution. There is no question of withdrawing my resignation".

4:56 pm: BCCI's Working Committee meeting comes to an end in Chennai.

4:28 pm: Proposal to make Jagmohan Dalmiya interim president came from Arun Jaitley and BCCI Joint Secretary Anurag Thakur, sources said. The proposal will now be ratified by the BCCI board.

4:18 pm: Ajay Shirke and Sanjay Jagdale may return as BCCI Treasurer and Secretary respectively, sources added.

4:16 pm: Jagmohan Dalmiya is likely to be interim BCCI President, say sources.

4:06 pm: Srinivasan tells BCCI board members he cannot be punished for his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan's involvement with bookies, sources say. Srinivasan tells board members politicians and media have raked up the issue, they add. Srinivasan says his resignation will set a bad precedent.

3:41 pm: Sources say N Srinivasan has told the board members at the meeting in Chennai that he's ready to step aside but not resign as the BCCI President.

3:29 pm: Sources say some more members at the BCCI meet are threatening to resign if Srinivasan doesn't quit.

3:23 pm: Tempers are flying high at the meeting as agitated members ask N Srinivasan to resign immediately, say sources. Members say if Srinivasan doesn't resign then there's no option but to call a Special General Body meeting. CNN-IBN has learnt that Srinivasan is refusing to step aside till his nominees are appointed as BCCI Treasurer and Secretary.

2:47 pm: Sources say that in today's meeting, no decision is likely on who will be the interim President of the BCCI. Sources say a Special General Body meeting may be called later to decide on the interim BCCI chief.

2:40 pm: The crucial BCCI working committee meeting to decide the fate of N Srinivasan has begun in Chennai.

2:13 pm: Sources indicate that a Steering Committee is likely to be proposed instead of an interim President till Srinivasan stays aside as the BCCI President.

2:07 pm: N Srinivasan agrees to step aside as BCCI President till a probe into his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan's involvement into the IPL scandal is on, say sources.

1:57 pm: Sources say that a special general body meeting will decide on the new or interim BCCI President.

1:45 pm: If Srinivasan steps aside, Sanjay Jagdale and Ajay Shirke may be asked to return as BCCI Secretary and Treasurer, say sources. Meanwhile, Ajay Shirke has arrived for the BCCI meet in Chennai.

1:20 pm: The BCCI board members have rejected N Srinivasan's proposal of appointing his nominees as the treasurer. The post of the BCCI Treasurer fell vacant after Ajay Shirke resigned on Friday.

1:13 pm: The confusion over whether N Srinivasan will step down or step aside remains. Lawyer Abhimanyu Bhandari says it is legally not possible for a board president to step aside. Bhandari says Srinivasan can either quit or keep working as the President. However, as IBN18 Editor-in-Chief Rajdeep Sardesai puts it, the BCCI is a private body and is free to take its own decisions.

12:15 pm: Punjab Cricket Association President IS Bindra has said that N Srinivasan must resign as the BCCI President and not just step down. "There is no provision in sports rule to step aside, N Srinivasan must resign," Bindra said.

12 noon: BJP MP and former cricketer Kirti Azad has lashed out at the BCCI members attending Sunday's Chennai meet through video conferencing even as this includes his own party members Arun Jaitley and Anurag Thakur. "It's unfortunate that many will take part in the meeting via video conferencing, this shows their seriousness," Azad said.

11:00 am: Sources say Ajay Shirke and Sanjay Jagdale, who resigned from the BCCI on Friday, have also been invited to attend the board meeting in Chennai, but may not come.

10:39 am: BCCI members Anurag Thakur and Rajeev Shukla, like Arun Jaitley, will attend the BCCI meeting in Chennai through video conferencing.

10:06 am: Former BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya is likely to be a compromise candidate to take up the post of the BCCI interim chief if Shashank Manohar refuses to take it up, say sources. Sources also add that Arun Jaitley is not keen to take up the BCCI presidentship post in an election year. He will attend the BCCI meet in Chennai on Sunday via video conferencing.

Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) President N Srinivasan is being asked to step aside unconditional, according to sources in the board. BCCI sources say they will not push for Srinivasan's resignation or impeachment but will ask Srinivasan to step aside till the inquiry into his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan's involvement in the IPL betting and spot-fixing scandal is over.

Sources also add that there is no consensus yet on who will replace N Srinivasan once he steps aside. According to sources, Shashank Manohar is not willing to be the BCCI interim President.

All eyes are now on the BCCI working committee meeting to be held at 2:30 pm on Sunday in Chennai. Srinivasan is likely to step aside pending an inquiry.

Sources had told CNN-IBN that Srinivasan had laid down two conditions for stepping aside - first, he wants to appoint the new secretary and treasurer and prevent Ajay Shirke and Sanjay Jagdale from coming back on board and Srinivasan is also keen to continue as the BCCI's representative to ICC.

This comes after another jolt to N Srinivasan's diminishing hold over the BCCI came on Saturday with Rajeev Shukla, Chairman of the IPL and one of the voices calling for his resignation as BCCI chief resigning on the eve of the crucal meet in Chennai. "I will not be handling the IPL next season. I have done it for two years and I do not want to do it any more. I have sent my resignation to the BCCI President," Shukla said.

In fact Shukla over the past few days has been part of the trio (Rajeev Shukla, Anurag Thakur, Arun Jaitley) that set in motion the intricate gameplan to oust the most powerful man in cricket from his very own board. Shukla's resignation came on the day when the BCCI top brass finally moved in for the kill - persuading the under-fire board chief to call for an Emergent Working Committee meeting in Chennai on Sunday.

With former board bosses like Jagmohan Dalmiya looking to attend the meeting, Sunday could be a very fractious chapter in the history of the BCCI.

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