BCCI should have never started the IPL: Kamal Morarka

Should N Srinivasan step down as the BCCI president?

BCCI should have never started the IPL: Kamal Morarka

As the probe reaches the doorstep of the franchise he owns, and the team CEO and his son-in-law summoned by the police for questioning, should the BCCI president step down? Former BCCI vice-president and former Cabinet Minister Kamal Morarka joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Similar to how Ministry of Corp Affairs intervened in Satyam Scandal, BCCI should be shown the same treatment and N Srinivasan should resign. Satyam cheated its investors, BCCI cheats the people of India. Asked by: Santy

A. If the reference is to betting and match-fixing that is upto the individual player and the BCCI officials have no role in that. It is of course unfortunate.

Q. Sir, I want you to be candid on this one. to what extent BCCI officials are involved in money laundering, violation of companies act and other illegal activities. M asking this because a parliamentary committee headed by a senior leader called IPL den of illegal activities? Asked by: satyendra

A. BCCI before IPL came into existence was run quite professionally and there was no question of any violation. Lalit Modi brought the ide of IPL and the then BCCI President gave him a free run as a IPL commissioner. He did various things without the knowledge of others and there could be violations. He is sitting in London.

Q. Is there a BCCI politics for the top post behind this? Is the current Vice President seeking the President post? Asked by: anurag

A. BCCI President goes by rotation and the next turn maybe of North meaning Arun Jaitley.

Q. Lalu's comment against the BCCI president and Indian cricket as the most Corrupt is for sporting reasons or scoring political points? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Where ever there is too much money such impressions are created. I don't know the basis of Laluji's comment but the latest revelations reflect badly on IPL.

Q. The Sivaramakrishnan selection controversy will now tilt in favour of Tim May? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. That will be unfortunate because such posts go countrywise and it is not fair to run down Sivaramakrishnan on the basis that his wicket tally is not high.

Q. Worst scenario - Derecognisition of BCCI and ban on players from India and India hosting international events - is that possible action from ICC? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Not likely. International cricket is different where ICC is really concerned. IPL is frivolously activity the earlier BCCI distances itself from IPL the better.

Q. Can government appoint a nominee as BCCI chief, till all the investigations are over? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Government intervention will be worse. BCCI should take internal steps to repair the damage.

Q. The ED was at doorsteps of the BCCI boss on the MUV illegal imports and then retracted. Any connection to that with the Fixing now? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. I don't think so.

Q. The comment of the BCCI president that "media is making an unfair trial " has any merits? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Media always grabs such events and interviews various people. Inquiry is by the police and one has to wait for the outcome.

Q. Does the BCCI president stepping down request have any merit when so far not a single official of the BCCI has been subjected to suspicion by the Delhi or Mumbai cops? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Not really. Inquiry is by the police on which BCCI President has no influence.

Q. Does the BOARD have powers to vote out it's president. Has it happened in BCCI earlier? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. The General Body cab remove the President. I don't think it has ever happened or will happen.

Q. Sir, why are senior players or ex cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri, Srikant and others are not coming out and speaking about the truth, are they under pressure or its been not new for them? Asked by: satyendra

A. Suspicions are always there and there is lot of locker room talk but how can senior players say anything without proof.

Q. Similar to how Govt of India owns SBI and other companies, is it possible for Govt of India to run the BCCI by forming its own board of directors? Asked by: Santy

A. No. Sports bodies are autonomous and government intervention is not the solution.

Q. Sir, with the IPL in the eye of the storm, events unfolding and many a big fishes being netted and Mr Srinivasan himself directly/indirectly getting entangled, do you suppose this might affect the hosting of IPL come 2014? Asked by: Mansoor

A. IPL should be either discontinued or separated from BCCI because it does not enhance the standard or cricket which is the main function of BCCI.

Q. Understand as a Decisive person he has been in controversies. Naturally affected sides will make allegations. Unless the allegations are decided vested interests seem to be rooting to get the BCCI president post vacant. Is there a division in BCCI on work for such an attempt? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. His turn is upto September and a new President will be elected the AGM.

Q. When the son in law was summoned by Mumbai cops, stepping down temporarily from the president post of BCCI would have been the best way of keeping moral grounds on a high. Why has not that happened? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. The police is independent of BCCI so how does it matter if BCCI continues to be run by the President.

Q. Public figures should respect majority perceptions. Why are people like Mr. Srinivasan does not respect the majority opinion? Asked by: SAMARESH DATTA

A. How does one gauge majority opinion. I don't think the majority likes to jump the gun. They would like to wait for the results.

Q. His son-in-law is involved in betting..there will be players in CSK team also involved keeping in mind how close was he to the dressing room..he is corrupt and players of CSK must be probed. Asked by: Rakka

A. The police is already on the job. Everybody should be inquired into wherever there is suspicion.

Q. Not only he should resign as BCCI president but also Chennai super kings should be scraped. He can't be an owner and enjoy the benefits. All of them are making fun of India by their poor administration and money making mind set. Asked by: Rohit

A. IPL is nothing except money making scheme. That's what the author Lalit Modi said openly that he will show BCCI how to make money. BCCI and its then President should not have fallen in the trap. The present President took over only in September 2011 after four IPLs were already played.

Q. In an earlier reply, you said "IPL is frivolously activity the earlier BCCI distances itself from IPL the better." How can BCCI delink itself from IPL. What is your view on this? Asked by: Santy

A. BCCI should have never started IPL. It is neither international cricket nor domestic tournament. It is a frivolous inter corporate activity between nine teams played by paid players. It should be discontinued if BCCI wants to save Indian cricket.

Q. Do you think Lalit Modi would have been a better boss than N Srinivasan? Asked by: Santy

A. Lalit Modi believes in making money by any means. If that is the aim then what can one say.

Q. There was a news article an hour back saying, N Srinivasan would resign if his Son in law is arrested. The article continued to say CSK team would be scapped as per the IPL Rule book. Do u think this may happen? Asked by: Santy

A. Premature to say till police investigation results are out.

Q. How is it possible that reports from sources of this forum say that N Srinivasan will step down if his Son In Law is arrested does morality effect only people close are booked? To me normally betting is not a crime as long as it is your personal choice. However I wouldn't bet if I am owner as heinous as Insider Trading? I would be grossly disappointed if he is not arrested and Srinivasan doesn't step down. Does this observation hold any good for BCCI now? Asked by: Karthikeya

A. If indeed the person concerned is involved the whole thing will take a different turn. Just now he is only under investigation.

Q. Shouldn't this rogue president quit presidentship of BCCI as well as Tamil Nadu cricket forthwith. He has spoiled the spirit of the game totally. Today I do not even know whether the match I am seeing is fixed or clean. Asked by: BW Shirolkar

A. IPL started much before the present President took over. From the beginning IPL is frivolous activity spoiling the spirit of the game.

Q. Do you think cricket betting should be legalised? Asked by: Santy

A. That won't alter the situation. The problems of fixing are entirely different. Legalised betting will get some revenue for the government like horse racing. That is all.

Q. We are not living in the era of Lal Bahadur Shastri, who resigned for an accident with which he was remotely connected personally. This is the Era of Bansals / Kalmadis / DMK / Yeddyurappa.....where you should shamelessly fight to the last breath, even though you know the truth. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. Your commentary correctly describes today's society.

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