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Buchanan contests Warne's allegations

The coach says Shane Warne is naturally gifted.

June 15, 2009, 3:44 PM IST
Buchanan contests Warne's allegations

Melbourne: John Buchanan on Monday defended himself against Shane Warne's allegation that the high-profile coach "overcomplicate things" with his methods, saying the legendary spinner felt so because he was naturally gifted and for him everything was straightforward.

Buchanan also felt that his prolonged differences with Warne were owing to the tweakers' natural talent because of which he often "belittled" the former Australian coach.

"Because of his natural gifts, for him everything was straightforward and he would accuse me of complicating things. However, Shane underestimated how easily things came to him. After all, when you have such natural talent, why would you want to 'over complicate things?" Buchanan said.

"What he was doing by dismissing me was belittling the role of coach," he was quoted as saying by the Herald Sun.

Warne had taken a dig at Buchanan for accepting the role of a consultant with the England team ahead of the Ashes, saying the coach's habit of "over complicating things" would only benefit Australia against their traditional rivals, England.

Buchanan said he was puzzled why Warne, who shared a strained relationship with him since their days together in the Australian team, continued to ridicule him at every given opportunity.

"Since Shane and I left the Australian cricket team his critical views about my role have continued. It is disappointing coming from someone like Shane who, on the field, has been a player and a person who has changed the face of the game," he said.

"It is puzzling that a person of his stature in cricket, someone with iconic status, would continue to criticise me," Buchanan said.

"It would seem at times he does not put the same thought into these comments as he would in extracting batsmen from the crease," he said.

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