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CA reaction proves Aussies are bad losers

CA's demands against Harbhajan have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

March 10, 2008, 1:42 PM IST
CA reaction proves Aussies are bad losers

Most of us have acknowledged Australians' dominance in world cricket, their special brand of aggressive cricket, ability to dictate with consistency, their love for sports in general. But for some time now we are seeing the other side of their character. They are bad losers and would go to any length to justify their claims.

The reaction by CA, demanding action against Harbhajan for some alleged comments against Mathew Hayden, would have to be taken with a pinch of salt. In the first place, what action did CA take against Hayden for that obnoxious comment on Harbhajan?

I am not going into the merits of what Harbhajan Singh said of Hayden. But I can believe that Hayden referred to Harbhajan as an "obnoxious little weed" because it was picked up from a radio interview. I will also believe Harbhajan when he says that he made no derogatory remarks against Hayden.

It is silly of CA to write to the BCCI and demand action against Harbhajan. The Australian cricket administrators stand exposed on this issue. Look at how the Indians handled the issue when Hayden made that obnoxious remark. And look at how the CA is dealing with the matter. It is clear that the Australians, cricketers or administrators, crack under pressure.

The decision by CA to allow Hayden escape with a warning was a joke. In that case, the BCCI should also issue only a mild warning to Harbhajan. After all, it was not Harbhajan who started this verbal war. Harbhajan has the right to express his opinion because what Hayden said was heard all over and it was indeed a derogatory remark.


Harbhajan is absolutely right in saying the Australians are an arrogant side. I would add the CA to this list. It is time the International Cricket Council stepped in and told CA to just shut up. The world of cricket has had enough of this nonsense. We now need to forget whatever happened and look forward to the series against South Africa.

I liked the sight of our players, juniors and seniors, being honoured by the BCCI. I only hope it does not create needless pressure on the players because it is very clear the BCCI is out to make the most of it. The officials hog the limelight at such functions. True, we beat Australia but then why do we overreact to an extent that even the players begin to feel the pressure. More than the players, I thought the BCCI officials were more excited as far as the celebrations are concerned. The players were clearly very tired and disinterested at the function in Delhi.

With due respect to the Indian team, they did win the World Cup? We all take pride in the fact that India beat Australia in Australia for the first tri-series title but then also remember that Australia has won the World Cup three times in a row. It is this consistency and dominance that India should try and emulate, and that is why I think we should not overreact.

I also don't want to see the players spoilt by the riches being showered on them. They deserve more without the threat of glamour and money hurting their focus. The future of Indian cricket is secure and it is critical that we make the most of the present. We need to protect the juniors from burnout because there are many on the injury list. When you play so much, you are bound to have niggles. We have to have a policy of preserving our cricket talent and make the best use of them.

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