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Cricketers different breed of sportspersons?

Cricketers different breed of sportspersons?

IWF advises the cricketers to accept WADA's "whereabouts" clause.

New Delhi: A top official of the Indian Weightlifting Federation on Friday advised the cricketers to accept the "whereabouts" clause of the WADA Anti-doping Code and not act like a "different breed of sportspersons".

IWF General Secretary BR Gulati said instead of objecting to the "whereabouts" clause, the cricketers should rather accept it and strengthen WADA's effort to clean up games and sports worldwide from the doping menace.

"The WADA Code is basically a means to catch drug cheats in sports. Every sportspersons and federations should help WADA in cleaning up sports from doping," Gulati told PTI from Pune.

"I don't think that cricketers are a different breed of sportspersons. Are they? It is not going to be only them (the cricketers) whose whereabouts are being disclosed. While the other sportspersons are doing that then why don't they do it," Gulati said.

"Is it only the cricketers who are concerned of their security and not the other sportspersons?" he asked.

The IWF top official said his federation is fully WADA compliant and the weightlifters in the testing pool have no issues with the Code.

"We are fully WADA compliant and we are proud of it. Our lifters have no problems in complying with the Code," he said.

first published:August 07, 2009, 17:26 IST