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CSA not convinced about pink ball

The pink ball was tested during the match between North West and the Knights.

IANS |September 7, 2012, 6:58 PM IST
CSA not convinced about pink ball

Johannesburg: Cricket South Africa (CSA) has expressed its concerns with the quality and condition of the pink ball after experimenting with it in a day-night trial match in Potchefstroom recently.

Since the ICC contemplated introducing it in international cricket, the pink ball has been experimented with for the last four years in various places, with South Africa becoming the third country to try it.

"It seems as though as the ball does not last very long. It will have to be investigated more if cricket is played this way in future," Jacques Faul, acting chief executive of CSA was quoted as saying by 'ESPNCricinfo'.

The pink ball was tested during the match between North West and the Knights.

The ball was changed five times in 112 overs in the first innings. Despite the Knights amassing 562 runs, their coach, Sarel Cilliers, was not impressed.

"As soon as the ball gets scuffed up, it loses colour. Other than that it behaved like a normal ball and didn't lose shape but I can't see the ball manufacturers getting it right," Cilliers said.

Introducing the coloured ball in the longer version at night was discussed at the ICC's recent annual conference.

Cilliers' counterpart, Monty Jacobs, was also not convinced.

"It scuffs easily and gets gratings and, it doesn't shine like a red ball. With it being changed quite often, you lose that element of swing in the middle overs," he said.

The bowlers found the ball difficult to grip.

"They struggled to grip the ball at times. So eventually it became a bit like a one-day ball with the spinners just darting it in instead of trying to spin it," Jacobs said.

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