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Don Bradman Death Anniversary: Five Records Set by the Cricket Legend Which May Never be Broken

As the cricketing world pays their tributes to ‘The Don’, here are the top Don Bradman cricket records, which may never be broken

Don Bradman Death Anniversary: Five Records Set by the Cricket Legend Which May Never be Broken

On this day, February 25, the world lost a beautiful soul who’s name will forever be etched in the history of cricket, Sir Donald George Bradman. Popularly known as ‘The Don’, the right-handed bastman who hailed from Cootamundra, New South Wales, was one of the greatest cricketers the sport has ever seen. The confidence which he exuberated was sheer class. The fastest of pacers that faced Bradmanknew what they were up against. An aggressive Aussie who would hammer the ball out of the park and make the opposition as exhausted as he can, while comfortably out there in the middle of the field. Sir Don Bradman passed away on February 25, 2001, at the age of 92 after battling pneumonia.

During his prime, Bradman was fearless. The swashbuckler just went out there and did what he did best. Hammer the opposition and help his side win. Bradman represented Australia from 1928 to 1948 and was a part of two sides, which lost the Ashes twice in his career. Once, on his debut series which was from 1928-1929 and the second being 1932-1933, when the ‘Bodyline’ tactic was used by Douglas Jardline to ensure the opposition from not scoring freely. Well, that tactic did nothing to prevent Bradman from scoring a sublime century and three fifties and the runs scored only elevated his legendary status.

As the cricketing world pays their tributes to ‘The Don’, here are the top Don Bradman cricket records, which may never be broken:

Most Runs against Single Opposition

Don Bradman just loved to face England and he did so much that the Don holds the record for the most runs scored against a single opposition. Bradman has scored a mammoth 5,028 runs against England and that too in 37 Test matches played against the team. Steve Smith is in the second spot in the list as the former Australian captain has scored 2,800 runs against England, but the swashbuckler may not stand the chance to reach the humungous record set by Don Bradman.

Most Centuries against Single Opposition

Along with the runs scored against England, Bradman also hold the record for scoring the most centuries against a single opposition, the English team. The Don has scored 19 centuries against England in the Ashes series. Once again, Smith is behind the Don as the swashbuckler has scored 11 centuries against England. The former Australian captain will need to score 9 more to get past Bradman but even that may be too much for him. India’s Sunil Gavaskar has scored 13 centuries against West Indies, which sees Bradman at the top of the mountain on this record.

Highest Batting Average

The reason why the Don is so revered simply because he went out to the middle of the crease, had no fear, and played the best cricket he possibly could. 99.94is the prodigious batting average which was set by Bradman and that is a benchmark that today’s players only dream of achieving. Scoring an average of 99.94 means that the Aussie brute was scoring a century almost every innings played and no player has ever come close to that. His average also elevated to 101.51 while leading Australia and that is another record that will be never be broken.

300 Runs in a Single Day

Yes. You read that right. A ‘Single Day’. Batsman have gone on to score triple tons in Test matches, but how about scoring 300 runs on a single day. Well, only ‘The Don’ could do so. In a Test match against England at Leeds in 1930, Bradman came on to bat after only 11 deliveries were bowled when the day started and nobody expected a clobbering like the way Bradman did against the opposition. Bradman scored 309 runs in a single day and was dismissed for 334 on the other day. Well, so far, no cricketer has been ever able to achieve this feat.

Fastest to Thousands

Now, we hear about Virat Kohli becoming the fastest to break a record or Smith becoming the fastest to break a record, but originally, it was the Don, who set the fastest records. The astronomical batting average Bradman had and the knack to score runs whenever he felt like. the Australian swashbuckler was fastest in reaching multiples of 1000 Test runs. It took Bradman 13 innings to reach 1000 runs, 22 innings to reach 2000 runs, 33 innings to 3000, 48 innings to 4000, 56 innings to 5000 and 68 innings to 6000. Bradman retired after scoring a total of 6996 runs in Test cricket and it was from there on, that cricketers surpassed and created the records for 7000 runs and more.

With these records, it is quite simply put, that Don Bradman was one of the greatest cricketers to ever grace the sport. The legacy that he has left behind can only aspire and influence cricketers to try and emulate the records which he has set.

Team Rankings

1 New Zealand 3198 118
2 Australia 3028 116
3 India 3085 114
4 England 4326 106
5 South Africa 2499 96
FULL Ranking
1 England 5405 123
2 India 6102 117
3 New Zealand 3716 116
4 Australia 4344 111
5 South Africa 3345 108
FULL Ranking
1 England 6877 275
2 Australia 6800 272
3 India 10186 268
4 Pakistan 7516 259
5 South Africa 5047 252
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