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England vs New Zealand | Everybody Watching at Home Will Try & Be Next Stokes: Morgan

Karthik Lakshmanan |July 15, 2019, 7:28 AM IST
England vs New Zealand | Everybody Watching at Home Will Try & Be Next Stokes: Morgan

London: Eoin Morgan came to the post-match press conference, pride telling on his face, holding the World Cup in his arms. He just couldn't be separated from the trophy, the symbol and culmination of everything he and his side have worked for over the last four years.

Morgan is known to be ruthless, but for the first time, he conceded to feeling 'emotional'.

"I did earlier, yes. I did," he said when asked if he was emotional. "I still can't quite believe, that is why I'm carrying it (the trophy) around as much as I can. I can't believe we have got over the line. It has been an extraordinary day. You guys watching, like, the most incredible game of cricket with nothing between the sides. So sport sometimes is very, very fine margins. I think it was the finest of margins today and it could have gone either way, but I'm thankful it went ours."

Morgan said winning the World Cup meant 'absolutely everything' to him and his side and thanked all their supporters.

"To me and to the team, and everybody who has been involved over the last four years, it means absolutely everything. The planning, the hard work, the dedication, the commitment and the little bit of luck today really did get us over the line.

"It's been an absolutely incredible journey. To everybody around the country and around the world who has followed us and supported us, thank you so much. It's been phenomenal. Right from the very beginning of the tournament, all the way through, regardless of our performance, people believed because we believed and I'm very thankful for that and everybody is as well."

Talking about the hero of the day, Morgan called Ben Stokes, who made an unbeaten 84, a 'superhuman'. It was a complete turnaround in fortunes for Stokes, who had a rough final over in the World T20 2016 final against West Indies in Kolkata where he conceded four sixes to Carlos Brathwaite.

"To come through it is extraordinary. He's almost superhuman. He is really carried the team and our batting line-up. I know Jos (Buttler) and his partnership was extraordinary, but to bat with the lower order the way he did I thought was incredible," said Morgan. "The atmosphere, the emotion that was going through the whole game, he managed to deal with that in an extremely experienced manner. And obviously everybody watching at home will hopefully try and be the next Ben Stokes.

"I have said this a number of times about Ben. I think a lot of careers would have been ended after what happened in Calcutta. Ben on numerous occasions has stood up individually and in a unit for us. He leads the way in training, in any team meetings we have, and he's an incredible cricketer. And today he's had a huge day out and obviously we are thankful for that."

Asked about his own future, Morgan said he hasn't thought about the next four-year cycle.

"I haven't. We will let the dust settle, we'll celebrate as hard as we can," he said. "I think it's deserved. And then we will look at things. Four years is a long time away. I think the big question I will have to answer is will I be in the team in four years, will I be good enough? These guys are improving very quickly. Will I be able to keep up with them?"

Winning a World Cup changes lives of many leaders, but Morgan hoped his life would remain the same.

"I'm not sure it has changed. I hope it hasn't changed that much. I enjoy my life," he said. "I lead quite a quiet one, so I hope it hasn't changed too much. I would love it to change for everybody else who wants it to change, but I enjoy my life."

Morgan also said he could empathise with New Zealand, who missed the World Cup in the narrowest of margins possible, saying they played better cricket through the tournament.

"I think they've been incredible throughout the tournament. I said it before the game in the press conference. They've been actually through a better tournament than we have," he said.

"The fact a trophy is sitting here is, you know -- like I mentioned, we got the rub of the green today. New Zealand throughout the group stages were absolutely outstanding, very consistent and in the semifinal were very ruthless in playing against India. India are an extremely strong team.

"And I think the most admirable thing is the way they played their cricket, to consistently perform and compete against the very best on different stages throughout the year, they are the best, and they do it in a fashion that you'd have no qualms in turning around to your kid and saying, "Please idolise these guys, they are very admirable." They are."

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