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I Only Played a Handful of Games After Mahi Bhai Left...Sometimes I Miss That Guidance: Kuldeep Yadav

Dhoni Kuldeep.

Dhoni Kuldeep.

Kuldeep Yadav has remembered his 'Mahi Bhai' as his desperation for a turnaround grows.

Kuldeep Yadav was once a match winner but after the end of IPL 2021 he is nothing but a bundle of nervous energy. He didn’t play any game in this season, played just one Test match and that was his first long format game in two years! Clearly, he would love to go back to 2018, a year where he came into his own. And he misses a certain gentleman who used to be India’s wicket-keeper-cum mentor-cum DRS expert in that particular year, yes MS Dhoni. ‘Mahi’ bhai’s role in Kuldeep’s success can’t be ignored. It was he who used to give Kuldeep instructions from behind the wicket. With him gone, the 26-year old spinner desperately need someone to pull him out of the rut.

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“Sometimes I miss that guidance because he (Mahi) has great experience. He used to guide us behind the wicket, kept screaming! We miss his experience," Kuldeep said in an interview with Indian Express."Rishabh is there now, the more he plays, the more input he will give in the future. I always felt every bowler needs a partner who can respond from the other end," Kuldeep added.

“When Mahi bhai was there, I and Chahal were playing. Ever since Mahi bhai left, Chahal and I haven’t played together. I played only a handful of games after Mahi bhai left," he further said. “I must have played ten-odd games. I had even taken a hat-trick. If you look at the performance as a whole, it will look pretty decent but if one breaks it up then my performance sometimes can look not up to the mark," he said.


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Earlier the spinner had revealed that such was his depression that he enjoyed sitting on the bench rather than be on the field.

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first published:May 13, 2021, 08:50 IST