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India vs Pakistan | Weather Conditions Could See Us Try Different Combinations: Virat Kohli

Karthik Lakshmanan |June 16, 2019, 12:55 PM IST
India vs Pakistan | Weather Conditions Could See Us Try Different Combinations: Virat Kohli

Manchester: India are unbeaten from three games so far in the World Cup, but they could potentially be changing their winning combination, apart from the forced changes due to Shikhar Dhawan's injury.

Stay updated with our live blog for India vs Pakistan Live Score and latest updates of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match that is being played at Old Trafford in Manchester

With rain pouring on the eve of the game at Old Trafford in Manchester and expected to play a part on Sunday (June 16), India could rethink their bowling combination by bringing in Mohammed Shami for Kuldeep Yadav. Virat Kohli had earlier indicated that Shami could be in the picture in overcast conditions, and Sunday could provide India with that opportunity.

"The conditions and the length of the game will obviously make us think about a few combinations that we could potentially go in with," Kohli said on Saturday. "We're not focusing too much on the strengths of the opposition. The kind of spinners and the kind of bowlers that we have on our team, it's difficult for any team to just come out and attack these guys straight away. There's a certain level of risk involved as well when you have world class bowlers bowling at you, and you want to go at them.

"I think, as I said, we need to focus on the things that we do well as a side and the kind of combination that we're comfortable with because we back all the players on our team and expect them to put in performances and turn up on the day and execute what they are best known for. But, yeah, the length of the game and looking at the conditions, we will definitely think of a few combinations."

Kohli stressed on the need to be flexible and said all players are in a 'zone' to play whenever needed.

"We have to be flexible. We can't be rigid in our approach because, if the conditions are very different from what we played in the last game, then we'll have to think of different combinations, you know, which areas to strengthen when it comes to the bowling attack. If pace becomes a more important option, then we'll look to explore that," he said.

"If not, if the length of the game is going to be full and we expect the game to be 50 overs both sides, then we'll probably think of another combination, but we'll have to be flexible. We'll have to see how today pans out, how tomorrow the conditions are. I think all players are in a zone to be ready to play, so that helps in selecting the combination that you need to, depending on what conditions you're going to face."

Kohli also said India are not too tensed or stressed about Shikhar Dhawan's injury, saying they have a squad that has back-ups for all positions.

"Any situation that you're confronted with, your first thought in that situation defines whether you think negative or positive," he explained. "As soon as the situation came up in my mind I did not have any nervousness because we have players that can step into the situation and win matches for us. If you talk about KL (Rahul) he will get an opportunity to bat in the opening slot.

"The way he is batting he can also make a big impact in all games. But it is unfortunate definitely if you cannot play a matchwinner like Dhawan, you can say it is like a shock to the team. But the people who are stepping in their attitude is very good so in that respect, there is no tension on that front. Obviously, from the player’s point of view, you feel bad that there is so much time (still left) in the tournament and there is a niggle at this stage, but we have not taken any stress."

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