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Ind vs SL, Tri-series Match 5: as it happened

Needing 4 to win off the last ball, Dhoni and Yadav ran 3 as both teams ended up at 236.

February 14, 2012, 8:11 AM IST
Ind vs SL, Tri-series Match 5: as it happened

India Innings:

50th over: It's a tie! Vinay Kumar gets run out but needing four off the last ball, Dhoni hits it over the covers and pushes Yadav to complete three runs. An absolute thriller. Teams level at 236, points shared!

R Vinay Kumar run out 1 (2)

49th over: All happening out here. A six by Irfan Pathan off an above-waist full toss is followed by him sacrificing his wicket for Dhoni as he gets run out, followed by a scorching four by Dhoni. Nine to win in six balls!

Irfan Pathan run out 8 (5)

48th over: Ashwin departs! First a skier was dropped by Sangakkara but it wasn't second time lucky for Ashwin when he chipped it straight to extra cover. India 212 for 7.

R Ashwin c Senanayake b Malinga 14 (13)

47th over: India 209/6, on course, but pretty tight as well.

46th over: India 204/6. Need another 33 to win. Just the over India needed. Wow! Dhoni hits Perera straight back for a six off the second ball. Just what the doctor ordered. Ashwin is no less impressive, gets a four two balls later, hits it over covers.

45th over India 191/6. Need another 46 to win. Can Dhoni do what he did in the last match?

44th over: Jadeja falls!

43rd over: It's 182 for 5. Sri Lanka bowling some tight overs here that has pushed the required run-rate close to eight now. 55 needed off 42 balls. Dhoni the key again!

41st over: Gambhir run out for 91! Spoke too soon about the chase turning into a cruise. Dhoni sold him a dummy, took off but then shouted 'No', which left Gambhir little chance of beating Kulasekara's direct hit from mid-on. So two centuries missed by Gambhir back to back. Disappointing!

It's a wicket maiden a well. Just one good over and it becomes close. India 178 for 5, need 59 off 54 now.

Gautam Gambhir run out 91 (92)

40th over: End of Happy Hours! The batting Powerplay accrued just 23 runs for India but thankfully no wickets lost, which has given this chase the look of a cruise now. Just 59 needed now off 60 balls with six wickets standing.

38th over: Just 14 runs so far in the first three overs of the batting Powerplay. It seems Dhoni wants to do it easily and not with a bang. India 169 for 4. Two more Powerplay overs left.

35th over: India 155 for 4. The batting Powerplay in force next from overs 36 to 40.

32nd over: It's 140 for 4 and Gambhir's looking a bit frustrated. Crucial juncture this now, another wicket and the pressure will build up. The batting Powerplay is just four overs away.

28th over: Malinga ends Raina's stay! It wasn't a wicket delivery at all. Down the leg side and Raina's attempt to glance off the face of the bat ended up in Sangakkara's lap. India 118 for four, still need 119 to win.

Suresh Raina c Sangakkara b Malinga 8 (19)

25th over: Fifty comes up for Gambhir, his 30th in ODIs. Came at a decent pace as well, off just 62 balls. He has to anchor this chase now as the Indian score crosses 100.

22nd over: Run out! Rohit Sharma takes the long walk back. It was Rohit's call but Mahela's direct hit shows him a couple of inches short in the replay. India 94 for 3.

Rohit Sharma run out 15 (27)

19th over: Gambhir and Rohit have calmed a few nerves as the scorecard now reads 82 for 2.

15th over: Perera traps Kohli! The youngster plays across the line to a ball that seamed in from the off-stump, leaving the umpire in no doubt whatsoever. India 61 for 2.

Virat Kohli lbw b Perera 15 (25)

12th over: Sri Lanka have bowled the last three overs pretty miserly, just seven runs given. India, though, should look at the larger picture that shows a very manageable required run-rate. It's 49 for 1.

9th over: Gambhir's looking very assured here. Unperturbed by Tendulkar's dismissal, he takes India closer to fifty: 42 for 1.

6th over: Out! Tendulkar is walking back! Caught on the drive, the edge induced by Kulasekara is safely pouched by Sangakkara. India 24 for 1 and the wait continues! Kohli walks in!

Sachin Tendulkar c Sangakkara b Kulasekara 15 (24)

3rd over: Tendulkar and Gambhir are getting their eye in and that's sensible. No need to go hammer and tongs while chasing 237 to win. It's 13 for no loss.

Sri Lanka Innings:

50th over: Sri Lanka reach 236 for 9. A very good final over from Vinay Kumar, conceding just four runs through clever changes of pace. Picks up his third wicket as Nuwan Kulasekara top-edges to point, and then Lasith Malinga is run out for 1 off the fifth ball. Tidy effort from India to set themselves an attainable target.

N Kulasekara c Gambhir b Vinay 12 (25)

Lasith Malinga run out 0 (0)

49th over: Two fours in the penultimate over bowled by Irfan Pathan have pushed the Lankan score to 232 for 7.

48th over It's 220 for 7 and a scamper to reach as close as possible to 250. Senanayake and Kulasekara have added valuable runs here with some useful boundaries.

47th over: Out! Mathews has run himself out here. He wanted to steal a bye after a wild swing but couldn't make his way back before Dhoni's under-arm throw hit the stumps to make it seven down for Sri Lanka, 210 for 7.

Angelo Mathews run out 17 (30)

45th over: The Indian bowlers have done well to dry the runs up, as Sri Lanka reach 199 for six.

40th over: Another wicket for India. Perera falls to Ashwin!

T Perera c Kohli b Ashwin 5 (9)

38th over: Run-out! Chandimal has to walk back! Mathews played softly to covers but Rohit's under-arm flick was nicely collected by Dhoni who threw the stumps down. Third umpire was called in which confirmed the end of Chandimal's valiant knock.

Dinesh Chandimal run out 81 (91)

India right back now at 181 for 5.

37th over: Vinay traps Jayawardene! It was the last thing SL wanted in the batting Powerplay. The Lankan skipper shuffles across but the ball held its line to strike him right in front. Sri Lanka 173 for 4.

Mahela Jayawardene lbw b Vinay Kumar 43 (49)

35th over: Sri Lanka are clearly shifting gears now at 168 for 3. What more, five overs of batting Powerplay coming up as well! India have to be careful here.

32nd over: It's looking pretty healthy for Sri Lanka now at 148 for 3. Jayawardene at 34 and Chandimal at 62.

29th over: Fifty-run partnership between Mahela and Chandimal has come unnoticed. It took the duo just 53 balls to do it. 133 for 3.

26th over: 50 for Chandimal, his fifth in ODIs and second in this series. He is looking good, bringing up the landmark in 56 balls to take his team to 116 for 3.

24th over: Chandimal (42 not out) is approaching a fine half-century as Sri Lanka are now just one run shy of their 100.

20th over: Reckless shot! Sangakkara charges Ashwin to play an aerial stroke over mid-on but the shot ends in a leading edge for Gambhir at point. End of the partnership at 51 as the scorecard now reads 79 for 3.

K Sangakkara c Gambhir b Ashwin 31 (56)

19th over: The Sanga-Chandimal partnership reaches 50 and it's looking much promising for Sri Lanka now at 79 for 2.

15th over: Sangakkara and Chandimal are in the middle of a positive partnership that is sailing towards safer shores. It's 63 for 2.

12th over: Chandimal has shown some urgency ever since his arrival, resulting in Sri Lanka registering their fifty in 12.3 overs.

10th over: The mandatory Powerplay has gone India's way as they limit Sri Lanka to 32 for 2.

Due to some technical glitch, the updates before the 10th over can't be reflected.

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4 South Africa 3177 102
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