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India vs Bangladesh | Pant a Developing Fielder, Needs to Work on Throwing: Sridhar

Cricketnext Staff |July 3, 2019, 9:30 AM IST
India vs Bangladesh | Pant a Developing Fielder, Needs to Work on Throwing: Sridhar

Birmingham: One of the challenges of having three wicketkeepers in the playing eleven, like India had against Bangladesh at Edgbaston, is that two of them have to field. While Dinesh Karthik has played as a second 'keeper and is no stranger to fielding, Rishabh Pant is a work in progress, especially in the outfield.

India's fielding coach R Sridhar said Pant's throwing and 'awareness' are areas to work on given he will be fielding in the outfield in the upcoming games too.

"A lot of work has to go into him, first of all he needs to improve his technique in throwing and he also needs to get in mind to be an outfielder," Sridhar said. "But what we have now, we'll have to use him in the appropriate positions. That is why Virat (Kohli) and MS (Dhoni) are always keen to keep him in the right place at the right time and get the best out him. Last game he saved five runs which is a huge bonus, and he took a catch as well. So no complaints.

"Obviously, Dinesh actually being a wicketkeeper is quite a reasonably good fielder too. You see he pulls off some good saves at backward point. That's a big plus for us. Rishabh is somebody who is developing into a fielder, he needs to do this a little more to get the awareness, to get a hang of it. That's why we keep harping about using the fielders in the same positions so that they get the idea, the awareness using various aspects of their skills."

Sridhar said adjusting their fielding tactics according to ground dimensions was an important factor too, pointing to the short boundaries on one side of the pitch at Edgbaston.

"This is mostly awareness, see what we spoke today morning as well and what we saw in the last game against England as well, this ground is a little like Eden Gardens," he explained. "Once you get beaten there is no way you are going to chase it down. In a ground like this, there is no use in running around towards the boundary line. You have to cut the angle. We're used to playing in such fast outfields and we'll have to be aware of the boundaries. They're not always in the spherical shape. So awareness is a key thing and we always think about it before every game here."

Talking about India's progress in the World Cup, Sridhar said the loss to England on Sunday helped them finetune their combination.

"I think the game against England threw us a lot of answers. It was a fantastic game," he said. "It was not that we were completely outperformed or outbeaten by England. So whatever happened, result apart, there were lot of answers we got in terms of our combination and what we need to do. Probably we may play them again at the same venue. So I think it was a terrific game to play. Because it's very difficult to play 11 games on the trot and win all 11.

"Sometimes when you lose you learn more than when you win. When you win or keep winning, sometimes some of the mistakes go unnoticed. But suddenly you have a hiccup and then you realise this is what we need to do and make those adjustments. So that was a great learning phase, the England game."

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