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IND vs NZ 2021, 1st Test, Day 5 Highlights: New Zealand Eke Out a Thrilling Draw vs India at Kanpur

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News18.com | November 29, 2021, 16:38 IST
IND vs NZ 2021, 1st Test, Day 5 Live Cricket Score: New Zealand Eke Out a Thrilling Draw vs India at Kanpur

IND vs NZ 2021, 1st Test, Day 5  Highlights: Stopped for bad light! Not called off yet. Not called off. But we have stopped for bad light. If the light improves, we can resume again. There are handshakes in the New Zealand camp already but there are another 11 minutes of play possible though! Well, well, I think they are calling it off! YUP, PLAY CALLED OFF! Kane Williamson walks out with his side and there are handshakes all Read More

Nov 29, 2021 16:27 IST

India vs New Zealand: New Zealand Eke Out a Thrilling Draw

What a game and what a finish. Debutant Racin Ravindra and Ajaz Patel staved off the Indian spinners to eke out a thrilling draw for their team. A 52-ball run stand for the final wicket and India finally ran out of time

Nov 29, 2021 16:20 IST

IND vs NZ 2021, 1st Test, Day 5 Live Cricket Score: Play goes on

CHANCE! But just wide of leg gully Shreyas Iyer. Rachin Ravindra would have had his heart in his mouth. Rachin though survives another Axar Patel over. Nitin Menon with the light meter again and possibly one more over.

Nov 29, 2021 16:17 IST

India vs New Zealand, 1st Test, Day 5 Live: Light meter in focus

Another chat between the umpires. The on-air commentators are saying that it has gotten a bit brighter now! The sun has now come out of the clouds and that has helped India in this situation.

Nov 29, 2021 16:17 IST

India vs New Zealand, 1st Test, Day 5 Live: Light meter in focus

Another chat between the umpires. The on-air commentators are saying that it has gotten a bit brighter now! The sun has now come out of the clouds and that has helped India in this situation.

Nov 29, 2021 16:14 IST

IND vs NZ Live Score: New Zealand: Light’s got better, India with another crack

Light’s got better, India with another crack – Ajaz Patel on strike to R Ashwin. This is the make or break over. Test match cricket at it’s best!


Nov 29, 2021 16:12 IST

IND vs NZ 1st Test Day 5 Live Score Updates

Light is fading, a mini huddle and play resumes, this could very well by last over – Axar to bowl

Nov 29, 2021 16:09 IST

IND vs NZ Live Score: Rachin Ravindra and Ajaz Patel keep New Zealand alive

Fantastic composure is shown here by the debutant Rachin Ravindra and the No.11 Ajaz Patel. Min, of 4 overs left now, light fading as well. This one is going down to the wire folks!

Nov 29, 2021 15:58 IST

OUT! Tim Southee lbw b Ravindra Jadeja

OUT! THREE REDS! Jadeja has his 4th and India are just the one wicket away now. Southee was halfway back towards the pavillion when he saw the replay. That was dead. This lands on middle and then straightens. Southee hangs back and looks to defend. It goes past the outside edge and hits the back pad. Jadeja is celebrating as he appeals. The finger is raised. Southee reviews and replays show that New Zealand lose yet another review. India can now sniff a win here.

Nov 29, 2021 15:50 IST

Live Score India vs New Zealand: Kyle Jamieson gone! India just the two wickets away

OUT! LBW! There goes another one. India just the two wickets away. The second new ball does the trick! This is flatter and on middle, it lands and then turns away. Kyle Jamieson lunges forward to defend but does so inside the line. It goes past the outside edge and hits the back pad. A huge appeal and the finger is raised. Kyle Jamieson knew he has out and he just started to walk back. 147/8

Nov 29, 2021 15:41 IST


DRINKS! This is turning out to be a nail-biting finish here! Just the three wickets needed and there are over 10 overs to go. The second new ball is available but not taken yet. The pitch has started to play tricks a lot more than we have seen in this game. The Indian bowlers are bowling well but Rachin Ravindra and Kyle Jamieson are up to the task so far. India though know another wicket here and they can surely get the remaining two quickly. For New Zealand, a lot depends on this pair. An exciting one hour or so remains.

Nov 29, 2021 15:21 IST

IND vs NZ 1st Test Day 5 Live Score Updates: Tom Blundell goes for 2

OUT! TIMBER! That is one of the strangest dismissals seen! Blundell can consider himself a tad unlucky. India won’t care though as they are now in the bowling all-rounders. Just the three wickets away now with over 15 overs left. This is an off spinner. It lands on off and turns back in. Blundell looks to defend, it hits the inner half, lands beside him but on a footmark, it spins back onto the stumps and clips the leg bail. He can’t believe what has just happened. Shakes his head as he walks back. Just like the first innings, he was looking solid but falls in an unfortunate manner.

Nov 29, 2021 14:58 IST

IND vs NZ 2021, 1st Test, Day 5 Live Cricket Score: Kane Williamson Falls; India Close in on Victory

OUT! LBW! He gets the biggest wicket for India! Shorter ball, around off. It comes in with the angle. No spin whatsoever. The trick here is that it stays very, very low. Kane Williamson decides to go back and that proves his undoing. The ball hits him on the pads and Ravindra Jadeja brings out the celebrappeal! The umpire has no doubt and raises the finger.

Nov 29, 2021 14:40 IST

IND vs NZ Live Score: New Zealand: Axar Traps Nicholls in Front

DEAD STRAIGHT! Patel starts the session with a big wicket! Tossed up, on off. The ball goes pretty much straight after landing. Nicholls plays for a bit of turn and blocks down the wrong line. The ball goes onto hit his pads right in front of the stumps and the finger goes up! The review is taken in hope but there is no bat on that the ball is crashing on the stumps. Tom Blundell walks out to bat. Review time! Henry Nicholls has reviewed this but he looks out. No bat on that. OUT IT IS!

Nov 29, 2021 14:34 IST

Final session underway!

So, here we go, India in pole position to wrap this up, Kane Williamson will have to led from the front with the bat to deny India. This is going to be an exciting final session of play. WTC points up for grabs

Nov 29, 2021 14:14 IST

LBW! Ravindra Jadeja strikes just at the stroke of Tea

OUT! LBW! Ravindra Jadeja strikes just at the stroke of Tea and it is Ross Taylor who walks back to the hut!

Nov 29, 2021 13:55 IST

Live Score India vs New Zealand: Ross Taylor Survives

Ross Taylor survives! Ashwin errs in line and sprays this one down leg. Taylor looks to flick but misses as the ball spins down leg. Srikar Bharat behind the sticks moves quickly to his left to grab the ball. He whips the bails off and Bharat puts in an appeal! The replays suggests that it was very close than it looked like in real-time but the TV umpire decides to go in the batter’s favour and Taylor escapes! 121/3. The TV umpire has been called in. They are checking for stumping of Kane Williamson. No bat on that as they first check UltraEdge. Kane Williamson drags his back foot in but the issue is whether his foot is in the air. But the umpire decides that it is not out.

Nov 29, 2021 13:39 IST

CHOPPED ON! Tom Latham Departs for 52

OUT! BOWLED! CHOPPED ON! Shorter ball, outside off. Latham looks to push it with his feet glued to the crease. All he gets is the inside edge and the ball goes back onto the stumps! Is that the opening that gets India back in the game? We will see. We surely have an interesting phase of cricket coming up in the next couple of hours. Ross Taylor is the next batter.

Nov 29, 2021 13:25 IST

IND vs NZ 1st Test Day 5 Live Score Updates: 50 for Tom Latham

FIFTY FOR LATHAM! Darted on the pads. Latham works it past mid-wicket. The fielder chases it and the batters take three. What a knock by Latham though. He scored a fifty in the first innings too and has delivered yet again. The job is still not done. 111/2

Nov 29, 2021 13:18 IST


New Zealand hanging in there and could very well turn the tables on India if they claim the second session only

Nov 29, 2021 13:14 IST

IND vs NZ 2021, 1st Test, Day 5 Live Cricket Score

JAFFA! Drift, grip and turn! Tossed up, around off, turning away late. Tom Latham prods to defend but the ball spins past his blade.

around! What a nail-biting finish! THE FIRST TEST ENDS IN A DRAW!

Phew, what a finish! What a finish! New Zealand have saved the Test by the barest of margins here. It looked like India would seal this one but the light has worked in their favor. Rachin Ravindra and Ajaz Patel would have had their hearts in the mouth in the last half hour of play but they have managed to save this Test!

The Kiwis did lose Will Young in their chase but William Somerville and Tom Latham were very impressive with the way they batted. New Zealand did not lose a single wicket in the first session of Day 5 and there would have been plenty of nerves in the Indian camp. But after Lunch, things turned around. Somerville fell and Latham too had to walk back to the hut. They received another big blow in the form of Ros Taylor just before Tea and Kane Williamson was the lone man standing.

But the Indian spinners ruled the roost post Tea. Axar Patel started things off by taking the wicket of Henry Nicholls and that triggered a collapse. Ravindra Jadeja was the main bowler in the last session though as his 3 wickets in that session put India just 1 wicket away from a memorable victory. But nature had different plans and bad light denied them a victory.

Earlier in the game, it was Shreyas Iyer who was the hero for India in the first innings. The rest of the batters did get starts but it was Iyer who bailed them out from a tough situation and got them to a respectable score. As far as the bowling is concerned, Tim Southee was the start as he took a 5-wicket haul and demolished the Indian middle order early on Day 2.

New Zealand started their reply brilliantly though. Will Young and Tom Latham were superb with their opening stands and both scored their fifties. They were unfortunate to miss put on their tons, but it was due to their efforts that India got close to New Zealand’s total as the middle order did not contribute much. It was no surprise that the Indian spinners ruled the roost as they shared 9 wickets between them with Axar Patel getting a 5-wicket haul.

India had a decent lead of 49 runs but their second innings did not start as per plan and they found themselves at 51 for 5. But it was Shreyas Iyer once again who saved the team. He scored a fifty and bailed them out. Ravichandran Ashwin, Axar Patel and Wriddhiman Saha, who also scored a fifty made sure that New Zealand had a pretty huge total to chase down in just over a day.

Ravichandran Ashwin says they were keeping things under control and were bowling in good areas, they knew if they got time, they would cause problems but the light was going to be an issue and they knew it. States Test cricket is really hard, you need to want it, there is a lot of hard work and he enjoys the format. States the runs, the wickets won’t really matter, it is the memories that will and he wants to take some good memories. Adds the wicket was good and it played well, Ravindra played really well and so did Ajaz Patel and he hopes people enjoyed the game.

Skipper Kane Williamson was on 24 at the break after Ross Taylor (2) was bowled by Ravindra Jadeja at the stroke of tea. They need 159 runs in the final session for an improbable win. New Zealand were 4 for 1 at stumps on Sunday after India declared their second innings at 234 for 7, riding on Shreyas Iyer’s 65 and Wriddhiman Saha’s unbeaten 61.

In the post-lunch session, New Zealand lost opener Tom Latham (52), William Somerville (36) and Taylor (2). Opener Will Young (2) was dismissed on Sunday when he was trapped infront by Ravichandran Ashwin.

Will Somerville and Tom Latham have been solid in the first session of the day having taken the total to 79/1 in chase of 284. The two overnight batters have now added 76 runs for the second wicket and frustrated India bowlers who ended the morning session disappointed failing to find a breakthrough. New Zealand now need to score 205 runs in the remaining two sessions with nine wickets remaining.


He walked in and started attacking Ajaz Patel. He shared a 52-run stand with Iyer where the first-inning centurion played the second fiddle. Once he departed, Saha took over. The wicket-keeper had injured his neck and yet he batted, adjusting his stance which looked really odd on TV. After Iyer was dismissed off Tim Southee, Saha along with Axar Patel (28 off 67) took the fight to the opposition.

It was expected that India might bat aggressively and invite the Kiwis to have a bat in the last hour. But that didn’t happen with Rahane declaring just 15 minutes before close of play. Luckily, they struck and managed to dismiss Will Young, who batted defiantly in the first innings. The batters had a brief discussion and decided to take it upstairs for a DRS after Umpire had given Young out LBW off Ashwin, but the stipulated time interval was over by then, and Indian players rushed to the umpire to make their objections very clear.

Eventually the DRS call was termed illegitimate. Young had to walk; nonetheless, TV replays showed he was not out! The kiwis still need 280 with nine wickets in hand on a pitch which is getting slow by the minute.

Earlier Team India batters failed again as New Zealand bowlers managed to trigger a mini-collapse at the start of Day 4’s play to put their team on the top of the game. Unlike the Indian pacers, the visitors’ fast bowlers asked some very tough questions to the batters which forced them to make some errors. Centurion from the first innings, Shreyas Iyer once again leads the fightback for India as he was unbeaten on 20 at Lunch alongside Ravichandran Ashwin 18.

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Resuming their innings from 14/1, India lost the big wicket of Cheteshwar Pujara early as Kyle Jamieson continued to trouble the Indian batters with his disciplined bowling. Pujara, who was looking to score at a healthy rate, was dismissed on 22. The talismanic batter also registered an unwanted record with another batting failure. He equalled Ajit Wadekar’s tally of most consecutive innings without a 100 at number 3 position for India – 39.

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