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India vs South Africa 2018, 3rd Test Day 1 in Johannesburg, Highlights: As It Happened

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: January 27, 2018, 1:28 PM IST

3rd Test, The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg 24 - 28 January, 2019

Toss won by India (decided to bat)

India beat South Africa by 63 runs

Man of the Match: Bhuvneshwar Kumar



Stumps: That is stumps on the first day with South Africa on 6/1 after 5 over, still trailing India by 181 runs. With rain expected overnight and overcast conditions in the offing it could be the perfect conditions to come back for Bhuvi and Bumrah on the second day. India will want quick wickets in the first session tomorrow.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues to rattle Elgar as he beats him on his off stump again in the over. Bhuvi is making the ball move both ways and Elgar hasn't got any answers to it and he is just surviving out there. 


Cricketnext’s Baidurjo Bhose from Johannesburg: Dean Elgar has a bruised forearm here as Bumrah has hit him on the arm and he has called for the physio. Is this a way to also ensure that time is lost and the South African batsmen do not have to bat anymore overs after this? The game ends in about 6 minutes.


Injury Break: Jasprit Bumrah came from around the wicket and targetted the body of Elgar. The ball crashed into his elbow and the southpaw has dropped the bat and is now wincing in pain. Physio is out in the middle tending to the opener. 


Another excellent over from Bhuvi comes to an end and he is breathing fire at the moment. After removing Markram, he bowled three deliveries at Rabada and he could have had wicket on any of the deliveries. But on the second ball, he jagged the ball in and it almost missed the stumps after hitting Rabada's pads.


OUT: Bhuvneshwar has done goes Markram for 2 as Bhuvi takes the edge of the bat and Parthiv does the needful behind the wicket. No excess celebration as such because India need at least one more wicket before the end of the day's play to stay in the game. Kagiso Rabada to play the role of the nightwatchman.


Cricketnext’s Baidurjo Bhose from Johannesburg: Bhuvneshwar and Bumrah have started well for India, but Virat Kohli would need a couple of wickets before stumps to ensure that the Indians are right in the game even though they have managed to score just 187 with the bat. Wickets are a must as 15 minutes are left to stumps.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls an excellent first over as he gives away just three runs from it. However, he continuously targeted the off stump of the batsmen and found good out swing as well. India need more of those today. 


Stat Attack: India’s 187 is the lowest score at the Wanderers since South Africa’s 253 against Pakistan in 2013. And the 4th lowest score after electing to bat first after England scored 180 in 2010.


South African openers will have to face the music for atleast 10 overs today in this final session. Indian bowlers look to pick at leaset couple of wicket tonight while the openers will look to keep the Indian pacers at bay.


All-out: Rabada looking to aim at the body here. And he has done it. Bhuvi is gone for 30 as the Indian innings folds up for 187 with Rabada picking 3. South Africa definitely wanted to seal this one before the Indians reached 200 as that would give the visitors a psychological advantage then.


Cricketnext’s Baidurjo Bhose from Johannesburg: Bhuvneshwar looking to use the long handle to good effect here as he just has Bumrah for company. No point standing ground anymore as Bumrah does not have the capability to hold one end up. Bhuvi can hit some shots and try and get India's total as close to the 200-run mark as possible.


Four: Bhuvneshwar Kumar now hits the ball straight over the bowler's head for his fourth boundary of his innings. Ngidi looked on in surpirse as Bhuvi gave him the charge for the boundary. Great batting this from Bhuvneshwar.


Dropped: Bhuvitop edges a Rabada delivery straight into the air and the ball was moving down the throat of Ngidi at mid-on. However the youngster mis-judged it completely and the fall landed safely. Then on the next ball, Bhuvi chipped the ball over the covers for two more runs. Five runs came from that over from Rabada.


Bumrah needs to stay at the crease as much as possible as Bhuvi is scoring very crucial runs for the team here. Looking at the way how he is batting, Bumrah will get himself out sooner than later, so Bhuvi needs to hog majority of the strike. 


Four: Bhunvneshwar Kumar continues to battle for the hosts as he hits a boundary off the bowling off Philander to get into the 20s. There are curcial runs that Bhuvi is adding to the Indian score and it must be very frustrating for the SA skipper.


Cricketnext’s Baidurjo Bhose from Johannesburg: Ishant's 11 ball stay ends with the 12th one finding the edge of his bat for Faf du Plessis to pick a smart catch in the slips. The move to get Rabada back to the bowling crease pays off for Faf and the India pacer walks back having tried his best to hold one end up.


OUT: Another one bites the dust as Ishant Sharma departs for 11 off the bowling of Kagiso Rabada who picks his second wicket of the day. Ishant edges a delivery straight into the hands of du Plessis at second slip. India lose their ninth wicket now.


Ishant Sharma now tried his best to get himself out but he just couldn't edge the ball to the slip cordon or the wicket-keeper. Then on the penultimate ball of the Morkel over, he top edged the ball but it landed just in front of Ngidi at mid-on. Ishant survives (somehow) as India's score reads 164/8.


Philander bowls a maiden over to Bhuvneshwar Kumar and he beat the right hander on his off stump right through the course of six deliveries. The ball kept missing the bat and Philander kept staring at the batsmen in frustration.


Still a maximum of 21 overs remain in the day and by looking at the impatient India batsmen, it seems that South African will have to bat for few overs today. Things have gone as per plan as far as the hosts are concerned as they have gotten rid of 8 wicket inside 200.


Cricketnext’s Baidurjo Bhose from Johannesburg: Shami finally gets to go back to the pavilion after trying his luck for the umpteenth time. Finally Rabada holds on to one that flies to him from the bottom of Shami's bat as Philander picks another one, his second in the innings. Shami goes for 8.


OUT: Shami finally got bored in the middle and played a rash shot straight into the hands of Rabada at mid-off. Philander picks his second wicket of the day as India lose their eighth wicket for 163. Looks like India don't want to finish the final session batting.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Shami are trying to frustrate the hosts with their batting. They are already put on a partnership worth 19 and India will hope they add as many runs as possible before getting out. 


Shami now looking to add some quick runs rather than wasting time trying to defend because he knows the conditions are helping the bowlers. Bhuvi would want to see him at the other end for some time so that they could end up adding some crucial runs in the bottom half of the batting.


Stat Attack: India went from 144-4 to 144-7 in 12 balls with no runs scored. Pujara, Parthiv and Pandya have been dismissed in no time as South African bowlers have taken full control of the match.


Cricketnext’s Baidurjo Bhose from Johannesburg: Pandya just doesn't wish to learn it seems. Playing an outrageous shot at a time when all he needed to do was spend some time in the middle and stitch a partnership with Bhuvneshwar. Pandya goes for a duck as Quinton picks his fifth catch running back. Phehlukwayo gets his second wicket here.


OUT: This is simply outrageous from the Indian batsmen as it seems they are playing IPL and not Tests in South Africa. Pandya goes for the expansive pull shot but top edges one into the air and de Kock takes a brilliant running catch. Pandya departs for 0 as Phehlukwayo gets his second of the day.


Cricketnext’s Baidurjo Bhose from Johannesburg: Now Parthiv walks back looking to slash one over the head of the slip cordon. Very poor shot considering the conditions on offer and the hard work put in by the previous batsmen. Parthiv goes for 2 after batting 22 balls and Morkel celebrates as Quinton picks another catch.


Out: Another one bites the dust as Pathiv Patel plays a reckless shot and pays for it with his wicket. Parthiv went for a flashy cut short but the ball took an edge of the bat of the southpaw and de Kock took an easy catch once again. India lose their sixth wicket. 


India vs South Africa 2018, 3rd Test Day 1 in Johannesburg, Highlights: As It Happened

Kagiso Rabada. (AFP Photo)

PREVIEW: India skipper Virat Kohli who has come under constant pressure for his leadership skills after India's disastrous start to the South African tour said that he is learning everyday to improve as a captain and a player.
"Well every game is a learning experience whether you win or lose. The only thing that you learn is, you can go out and try to do things that have happened in the past, try and not make those errors and that’s probably the only thing that you take forward as a captain and as an individual also. That’s how you progress and determined at this level. So, it’s nothing different. I am learning everyday, it’s not like you stop learning at any stage; when you win you learn as well. So, we are trying to rectify those mistakes and keep the positives in our head at the same time."As a captain as well, you want to proudly do better in situations when the game has gone away from you at times. So, I have thought about those things as well – how you can still keep the pressure on and not let the game slip away in very quick time. I always keep thinking about my game, how I can learn as a captain and get better in every aspect of what I do. I never stop learning." said Kohli at the pre-match press conference in Johannesburg.
He also said that such phases are a part of every sportsman's career and it important to take lessons from them moving ahead,
"As I said, everyday is a learning phase for me. If I didn't learn from the early days of my career, I wouldn't be here. So it's always an ongoing process of learning everyday, learning from your mistakes, correcting those mistakes and going forward. Even focussing on the positives, yoiu need to be able to still work on your positives to be able to be a consistent international player over a period of time. I have never stopped learning, I will never stop learning."
"Look responsibility can become less or more according to the phases, it's all about hanging in there and accepting all the phases that are coming your way. Sometimes the team is playing so beautifully, you don't need to do anything you feel so relaxed. So even this is a part of it. I have to take it in my stride and go forward. And not sit here and say 'this is a lot of burden' That's not the right attitude. I'm willing to go through any kind of phase, I have gone through bad phases in my career. Ups and downs are a part of a sportsman's career and I understand that. As I said you learn everyday and keep moving forward." said Kohli.
Talking about the pitch, Kohli said the wicket looks like a typical Wanderers pitch with pace and bounce, and India might look to play an all-seam attack.
"Well it’s definitely very different from the last game. I would say similar to Cape Town but a bit more grass on it which we expected. Yeah, it’s going to a very lively wicket throughout the course of the Test match. I think it’s going to be a typical Wanderers wicket where there’s good grass, the surface is going to be hard and good bounce also; pretty much like what was expected."
"We would definitely look at that option (all-seam attack). I am sure both the teams would be thinking about those options, because, as I said, we have taken 40 wickets so far and we need to figure out what’s the best way to pick up 20 wickets again in this Test match. We are going to have discussion on that as well, and the other combinations of the whole team as well. We will have a clear picture at the end of this afternoon." added Kohli.
Kohli also added that he was happy with the preparations made for the tour and he won't use that as an excuse after losing the series.
"I personally don’t feel that we didn’t feel prepared starting this series, I won’t sit here and point that out after losing a Test series. We had a week to prepare ourselves, five days because one day we were travelling. So we had that and we went ahead with that. As I said, we are not going to sit and think of outside factors that made us lose. It was our errors, our mistakes of not capitalising on situations that led us to the result being 2-0 so far. I am not pinpointing anything else, I think those talks are left for later planning for future," he said.
With India never having lost a Test match in Wanderers, Kohli said that the team has happy memories from the 'special' venue and the fans would also be expecting a close battle.
India's batting has been under the spotlight with the top order letting the team down with poor starts, Kohli said that it is something the team has worked on, including batting coach Sanjay Bangar.
"Everyone has been spoken to individually; the discussions have happened as to what went wrong, what happened, why it happened and the guys have taken it well. And as I said, anytime you step on to the field, you have an opportunity to correct your mistakes, and that’s how you progress at the international level. I am sure everyone is looking forward to rectifying those mistakes and then if they are in the same positions, consolidating those positions," the captain added.
Kohli though again emphasised on the word intent, saying it should not be mistaken with good strike rate.
"I don't think I mentioned strike-rate. Intent can be leaving the ball or defending the ball as the well. With your body language you can get to know how a person is feeling. That's precisely what I meant. Look, that's always going to be a big factor. When you are playing in conditions that are not your own, your belief and your body language in each minute of a Test match matters. "
"And as a collective unit. So that is something that we have discussed and that is something the guys are looking forward to embrace. As I said we are looking to correcting our mistakes in these two games and intent is going to be a big part of it," said Kohli, signing off.

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South Africa vs India, 3rd Test - Live Cricket Score, Commentary
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South Africa (Playing XI): Dean Elgar, Aiden Markram, Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers, Faf du Plessis(c), Quinton de Kock(w), Vernon Philander, Andile Phehlukwayo, Kagiso Rabada, Morne Morkel, Lungisani Ngidi

India (Playing XI): Murali Vijay, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Parthiv Patel(w), Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah

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