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IPL 2017, Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Gujarat Lions: As It Happened

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: April 9, 2017, 7:40 PM IST



SIX! Warner does it in style. Goes for a maximum as Hyderabad win with 27 balls to spare. A nine wicket win for Hyderabad with Warner unbeaten on 76 and Henriques on 52


50 up for Henriques as also the 100-run partnership is up between Henriques and Warner. This has been a comprehensive show by the Hyderabad players


SRH now need 10 more runs with six overs to go. Warner batting on 68 and Henriques on 46. SRH's score reads 126/1. The Gujarat bowlers have looked clueless


Henriques is now happy to just pick the singles and give Warner the strike. Warner though is in no mood to mellow down here. He is in a hurry to finish the game. 11 off Baroka's over as SRH's score reads 120/1 after 13 overs. 16 more needed


Warner welcomes Baroka back to the bowling crease with one that is high and handsome. That goes straight over the bowler's head. SRH's score moves to 115/1


SRH have scored 109/1 after 12 overs. Warner is batting on 55 and Henriques is on 42. Hyderabad now need another 27 with 9 wickets in hand and 48 balls to go.


"Jadeja will be back next game, not sure of Bravo's availability," says Lions coach Brad Hogde.


50 up for Warner. Flicks Thampi for a boundary to fine-leg. That is a good innings. He has scored the 50 off just 31 balls. The captain leading from the front. SRH's score reads 105/1


The Hyderabad batsmen are having fun as the Gujarat bowlers are providing them with at least a couple of boundaries every over. This time it is back to back boundaries for Henriques to bring up SRH's 100. Kaushik at the receiving end as SRH's score reads 101/1 after 11 overs.


Warner picks up Thampi's shoe as he completes a signal. Warner literally having a ball here. SRH's score reads 89/1 after 10 overs.


BACK TO BACK Boundaries here as Warner welcomes Thampi to the league. The first one was punched in-between cover and mid-off and the second one was a scorcher as it raced to the point boundary like a bullet. SRH's score reads 84/1


Kaushik bowls a good second over here. Has kept the SRH batsmen rooted in the crease. Just four runs from the over. Warner (37) and Henriques (29) at the crease as SRH's score reads 76/1 after 9 overs.


Warner looks like he is having a light net session this game. Under no pressure whatsoever as he is waiting for the bad balls and dispatching them from his presence. SRH's score reads 70/1. He completed 1000 runs in Uppal when he reached 32.


That was a decent over from Kaushik. Gave away just 8 runs after four runs off the second ball itself. That was a good comeback from the youngster. SRH's score reads 67/1


Easy from the Australian duo here. Henriques now cuts Kaushik for a boundary past the short third-man fielder. Gujarat have no clue what has hit them here after the Lynn-onslaught in the last game. SRH's score reads 63/1


11 runs off Kulkarni's over as SRH finish the first six with 59 on the board for the loss of Dhawan's wicket. It is an easy stroll from here for the Hyderabad batsmen. They need just 77 now with 9 wickets in hand.


Kulkarni bowling the last over in the powerplay and this time Henriques gets stuck into him. BACK TO BACK boundaries. The first one goes past the point fielder on the front foot and the next one is a pull over mid-wicket. Fierce display by the SRH batsmen.


Another one here. This time Warner goes on the leg side. Another one pitched short and this time Warner decides to go for the pull. SRH's score reads 48/1. Poor start from Baroka


Tejas Baroka gets a ball. And Warner starts with a cut to the cover boundary. That was pitched short and Warner can hit those even in his sleep. SRH's score reads 44/1


Hyderabad are 40/1 after 4 overs. They need another 96 to win with 9 wickets in hand and Warner and Henriques at the crease.


Henriques joins the part now. That was in the slot for the Aussie. A full toss on the off stump and that raises into the cover boundary. SRH's score reads 36/1


WICKET! Dhawan is gone here. That was a full toss and Dhawan edges that straight up. McCullum picks an easy catch as Dhawan goes for 9. SRH's score reads 32/1 as Gujarat celebrate.


OK, make that three SIXES in the over. This time it is pulled into the mid-wicket fence by Warner. That was a half-tracker and Warner was waiting for that one. SRH's score reads 32/0


SIX! This time it is Warner who says hello to Raina in style. Smashes that one straight into the sightscreen. SRH's score moves to 24/0


SIX! Dhawan goes downtown and that one is into the long-on boundary. Beautiful shot from Dhawan here. Raina looking to make it count, but Dhawan is not in the mood to let him settle down. SRH's score reads 17/0


FOUR! Praveen Kumar comes into the attack. Warner welcomes him with a superb boundary. The left-hander comes down the track and launches it over Praveen's head. SRH 8/0


IPL 2017, Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Gujarat Lions: As It Happened

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Gujarat Lions will be keen to shrug off the disappointment of a humiliating defeat against Kolkata Knight Riders as they gear up to face defending champion Sunrisers Hyderabad in their first away game.

Sunrisers are high on confidence after a comfortable 35-run win in their opening game against a depleted Royal Challengers Bangalore.

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