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IPL 2019 | Qualification Scenarios - SRH In Best Position To Take 4th Spot

Cricketnext Staff |May 4, 2019, 1:49 PM IST
IPL 2019 | Qualification Scenarios - SRH In Best Position To Take 4th Spot

KKR beat Kings XI in Chandigarh on Friday (May 3) and increased their probability of entering the playoffs.

However, the race for the number 4 spot is still wide open with three real contenders – KKR, RR and SRH. Kings XI too, do have a chance, mathematically, but it is highly improbable.

With RCB eliminated, let us analyse the most probable Group Standings and Playoff Scenarios for the 7 remaining teams in IPL 2019:

Chennai Super Kings

(13 matches: 18 points)

A win for CSK against Kings XI in Chandigarh will take them to 20 points and they will end the group stage as number one in the league table.

However, if they lose and MI beat KKR, then MI will, in all likelihood finish at the top (with a better NRR) and CSK at number 2.

If they lose badly to Kings XI and DC deliver a thrashing to RR and MI beat KKR then there is a low probability of them finishing at number 3 (they will have the worst NRR amongst the three teams, all tied on 18 points) and playing the Eliminator.

Mumbai Indians

(13 matches: 16 points)

MI have a home game remaining against KKR. A win will almost guarantee them a top-two finish. If they win and CSK loses to Kings XI, then MI will, in all likelihood, finish at the top (owing to a superior NRR).

Delhi Capitals

(13 matches: 16 points)

If DC beat RR at home and MI loses to KKR then DC will finish in the top 2.

They can also top the group in such a scenario if they beat RR by a huge margin and CSK receive a thrashing from Kings XI.

The more likely outcome though seems to be a number 3 finish – DC beat RR and MI beat KKR and CSK lose to Kings XI – a three-way tie all at 18 points and DC being edged out from the top two positions due to a poor NRR.

If DC lose to RR they will in all likelihood finish at number 3.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

(13 matches: 12 points)

SRH need to beat RCB in Bengaluru and then hope that KKR loses its last match against MI. In such a case, SRH will go to number 4 with 14 points.

Even if KKR beat MI and reach14 points it is almost impossible for them to overtake SRH on NRR (the best of the lot with 0.653). Thus a win against RCB, in all probability seals the deal for SRH.

However the equation gets interesting if SRH lose to RCB. Then they would hope that DC beat RR and KKR lose to MI and CSK beat Kings XI. In such a situation there could be a two-way tie between KKR and SRH (at 12 points each) for the number 4 spot. SRH should qualify on a superior NRR.

Kolkata Knight Riders

(13 matches: 12 points)

If KKR beat MI in Mumbai they will end with 14 points. If SRH loses to RCB it remains on 12. In such a scenario KKR qualify as the 4th team. This is the best possibility for KKR.

If KKR lose to MI, then they would need DC to beat RR and RCB to beat SRH by a massive margin and ideally Kings XI to lose to CSK (though this result does not matter much). In such a scenario, there would be a two-way tie between KKR and SRH (12 points each) for the 4th position. KKR might scrape through on NRR but this is highly unlikely unless RCB really deliver a thrashing to SRH.

Rajasthan Royals

(13 matches: 11 points)

RR need to beat DC in an away game to remain in contention for a playoff berth. If they manage to do so, then RCB need to beat SRH, KKR needs to lose its last match against MI and Kings XI should lose to CSK. Such a scenario will ensure that RR has 13 points, SRH and KKR 12 and Kings XI 10.

If RR lose, they will be eliminated.

Kings XI Punjab

(13 matches: 10 points)

Kings XI is almost out of contention for a chance to make the playoffs.

They need to hammer CSK by a huge margin and then hope that KKR and SRH are thrashed by MI and RCB and RR loses to DC. They then, have a remote chance of making the playoffs though such a scenario is highly unlikely courtesy their poor NRR.

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