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Jadeja alleges racism in Kolkata team

'You Indian, you do what I ask you to do,' a member of coaching staff told an Indian player in Kolkata team.

May 11, 2009, 11:48 PM IST
Jadeja alleges racism in Kolkata team

New Delhi: Former Test cricketer Ajay Jadeja made a sensational claim on Monday, saying Indian players were being ill-treated by foreign staff of the beleaguered Kolkata Knight Riders in their own domestic IPL, going on in South Africa.

Jadeja hinted that a member of the KKR foreign coaching staff had racial overtones to his language used for an Indian player during the tournament, which has not seen the team winning barring in one match where they triumphed via duckworth-Lewis method.

"You don't need blogger (to know this)," he said in an apparent reference to the Fake IPL player's blogsite.

"I can assure you that there is definitely a divide and Indian players are (being) treated very badly." Jadeja told a news channel.

"I am an Indian player. I know so many players in the team (Kolkata Knight Riders Team). One player was asked to come off the field and when he came off the field he asked "Why did you want me to come off the field? One of the coaches in KKR says 'You Indian, you do what I ask you to do'," he said.

Jadeja insisted his claims were true, saying he had the information from horse's mouth and that the team was not more than a divided house.

"So there is definitely a divide. I know it from the source himself. So the players are not feeling comfortable.

"There is divide between Indian and foreign player and there is a divide between thought process. I mean Sourav Ganguly has a different thought process and you can see that. So this team is divided. There is no doubt about it," he added.

The KKR team is dealing with controversies way before the start of the tournament when their coach John Buchanan proposed the multiple-captain theory. They have lost eight of their 10 matches so far.

There is also a tell-all blog on team's activities, adding to insult to its injuries, although the authenticity of the blog is still in doubt.

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