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Kenya keen to improve in all areas: Kamande

Kamande said playing against Australia itself is a motivation.

March 12, 2011, 4:54 PM IST
Kenya keen to improve in all areas: Kamande

Bangalore: Upset with the team's dismal performance in the ongoing World Cup, Kenya captain Jimmy Kamande said the side is looking to improve itself in each and every department of the game.

"Instead of moving forward after World Cup 2003 (Kenya reached the semifinals), we took a few steps backward. I believe this tournament is a stepping stone for Kenyan cricket again," Kamande told the reporters on the eve of the Australia-Kenya match here.

"We're going to play some more matches in this tournament against the Test playing nations. So what we gain from here we will take it back home and try to improve our performance in each and every department of the game," he added.

As for Kenya's match against defending champions Australia here on Sunday, the captain said, "Obviously, it is a good opportunity to play against the Aussies. The team that plays better cricket on the day would win. There's no use playing a cricket match, if you don't have hope or if you don't want to win. You must go out there and play positive cricket and try to get good results."

Asked how Kenya are looking to lift themselves after a series of defeats, Kamande said playing against Australia itself is a motivation.

"Today I was just chatting with the guys. Everyone who hasn't played against Australia feels this is a very good opportunity because you never know if you would ever get another chance to play against the Aussies. The guys are up for it. So we are ready to give 110 per cent on Sunday. At the end of the day I'll be happy," he said.

Stating that losing to Canada hurt his team the most, Kamande said, "It has been tough for us. Losing against Canada hurt us a lot because we thought that it was our best chance to win a game in this World Cup.

"But now Canada is history. You've got to move forward.

We've got Australia match ahead and that is what we are looking at."

Asked if the Kenyan team took inspiration from the upsets in the mega-events so far, he said, "This tournament comprises the 14 best teams. So I wouldn't call some sides as small teams. If you look at Ireland beating England the other night...Ireland have been doing well for the past six years or so. But the most important thing that they must look at now is where do they go from here.

"We've got two more games, may be a big upset is on the cards on Sunday."

Kamande said that the team's biggest area of concern ahead of Sunday's game was their top-order batting.

"The greatest concern is our top-order batting. But we have got a lot of talent in our side and I'm sure hard work will pay.

"Hopefully, the guys will regroup and try to win. You can't have just one performer in a match and expect to win," he said.

Reacting to Ricky Ponting's comments that World Cup should be played amongst the top eight teams, Kamande said, "He is entitled to his opinion. May be he thinks if there were just eight teams, Australia would be on top.

"For us, it's a good opportunity. It is for the ICC to make a decision. ICC gave us an opportunity to come and play here. So if the ICC wants to restrict the teams to five, they will do that and if they want to have 100, they will have 100 teams. It's their call," said Kamande.

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