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Kevin Pietersen Suggests Radical Change in T20 Cricket Rules to Add 'Real Excitement'

Kevin Pietersen (Image: Twitter)

Kevin Pietersen (Image: Twitter)

Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen has some radical ideas to make T20 cricket even more exciting.

Quite often in T20 cricket, we have seen bowlers getting hit for humongous sixes over the years. Now, to reward the batsmen for those outrageous strikes, former England captain Kevin Pietersen on Tuesday suggested a change in rules to add “real excitement" to Twenty20 cricket and make it more exciting.

The 40-year-old took to Twitter to suggest his idea to ICC and the England and Wales Cricket Board where he demanded that batsmen should be awarded 12 runs for a six that travels beyond 100 metres.

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“I want an addition to the rules in T20 cricket! Or, @englandcricket can do it in the 100. If a player hits a 6 that goes over 100m, I want a 12 awarded!", he wrote.


Later on, in another Tweet, the former RCB batsman even explained the benefits of implementing this new rule. Pietersen wrote, “The pluses for a 12, for a shot that travels over 100m: 1. No game is really over till it’s over. 2. It adds real excitement. 3. Broadcasters have new equations around the possibilities of 12s being hit. 4. New revenue stream as they can be sponsored. Watch this space…!"

According to Pietersen, it will ensure that no match is over until it’s actually over, with chasing teams always having a chance of turning things around with a massive hit. He further added that broadcasters can utilise it to generate additional revenue by sponsoring such shots.

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KP’s suggestion naturally raised a few eyebrows, as his suggestions would mean life of bowlers getting even tougher that it already is in T20 cricket.

Replying on Petersen’s tweet, former England fast bowler Darren Gough asked: “Do you have no feelings for how this makes a bowler feel? Going for a 12", to which Pietersen replied: “None at all!"

Darren Gough himself also suggested a rule change to Pietersen.

Former England pacer Ryan Sidebottom too joined the conversation and even he asked Pietersen if he had no sympathy for the bowlers.

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first published:April 27, 2021, 23:02 IST