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Kochi's termination disappoints O'Keefe

O'Keefe represents Kochi Tuskers Kerala in the IPL but didn't get to play a game in the 2010 season.

September 21, 2011, 4:55 PM IST
Kochi's termination disappoints O'Keefe

Chennai: New South Wales all-rounder Steve O'Keefe is disappointed with BCCI's decision to terminate his IPL franchise Kochi Tuskers Kerala and said it would be a shame if he doesn't get a chance to play for the team.

The BCCI terminated Kochi's contract, citing "irremediable breach" of terms and conditions.

"I watched it on Hindi TV and couldn't understand what was going on. I only knew what you guys know basically and I think there's an appeal in the process and it would be a shame if I were to go home without playing (for them) considering that last year, I didn`t play a game," O'Keefe said.

"I was disappointed (for not playing a game) and if they scrap the team I'd be even more disappointed. Hopefully, they can arrange that and get them back in the competition. I don't know what jurisdiction they're under but it'd be a real shame if we didn't get to play together," he added.

Only a couple of years back, O'Keefe was looking for other career options but today he feels privileged to have played the game at the highest level.

"I feel very privileged. Only a couple of years ago, I wasn't in the mix and was considering a couple of other career options and every opportunity I am going to try and grab it with both hands," said O'Keefe , who has skippered NSW twice.”

"I know that our career is very fickle in this game and coming across here and being able to compete... definitely a big honour."

Asked what other career options did he consider, O'Keefe said, "An entrepreneur, a carpenter - I am pretty good with my hands - but I will not (choose another career) now."

The 26-year-old left-arm slow bowler finds it quite challenging to bowl in sub-continental wickets and said he has been practising on the Chennai wickets to sharpen his skills.

"I feel it's completely different to bowl in sub-continental wickets than what we were brought up on in Australia," he said.

"Spin's tradition in Australia is to try and toss the ball up and get enough shape on the ball and drift (it)... here it's a lot more scrambled thing, you bowl a lot more into the wicket.”

"Traditionally, I try and drift the ball as much, which I find here quite challenging. But you got to be able to bowl in all conditions that are presented to you, so I am trying to develop that by bowling on these Chennai wickets," he said.

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