Kundra 'shocked' at BCCI's decision but will fight suspension

'All sorts of accusations were made against me without proof, by people in powerful positions,' he said in a statement.

Kundra 'shocked' at BCCI's decision but will fight suspension

Mumbai: On the day the Board of Cricket Control (BCCI) in India suspended Raj Kundra pending inquiry into the IPL scandal, the Rajasthan Royals' co-owner said he is "shocked, saddened and hurt" with the decision and that he "will fight the grounds of suspension". The decision to suspend Kundra was taken during the BCCI's emergent working committee meeting on Monday.

Here is Kundra's full statement:

All those who know me are aware that sport is my first love. I own a minority 11.7% share in Rajasthan Royals as well as a majority share of the Super Fight League in India which has become the largest MMA league in Asia within a year of its launch. I have singlehandedly provided job opportunities and training to 200 Indian fighters who were doing nothing but misusing their strength on the streets or in underground illegal fight clubs. I am currently working on football to develop its popularity amongst youngsters and also to provide better infrastructure and training to them.

It shocks, saddens and hurts me when my integrity towards Sport is questioned, especially knowing that there are very few who have taken the initiative and been successful in the development of sport in India.

All sorts of accusations were made against me without proof, by people in powerful positions. It is sad that without accurate facts, I am being made a scapegoat and put under trial by the media based on unproved claims. The most difficult part of the decision to marry Shilpa was the fact that she did not want to leave India.

I made the choice of moving to India initially out of love for her, but have over the years fallen in love with India and all that comes with it. I am afraid that rampant corruption at different levels would serve a deterrent for foreign investors who may otherwise be willing to invest in India.

People need to realise that as a British national and NRI, IF I wanted to bet I could have done so off-shore on ANY betting website legally. However, I did not do so as the IPL contract as per ACSU rules clearly states that owners cannot bet on the IPL.

In many BCCI meetings, I have often suggested that team-owners be given a seat on the IPL governing board so that owners are involved in decision making, as in many international sports bodies. Us owners are the ones heavily invested in the IPL and should have a voice in its functioning, however till date no team-owner's body has been welcomed.

I am shocked and upset at the unilateral decision taken today by the BCCI and will fight the grounds of suspension. I further clarify that this is my view and is not related to any other shareholders or owners of Rajasthan Royals.

I close by saying I trust in justice and India! Thank you.

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