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Lalit Modi Wants BCCI to Pledge 'Rs 700-800 Crores' From IPL Earnings Towards Fight Against COVID-19

Lalit Modi (AFP Photo)

Lalit Modi (AFP Photo)

Former IPL chairman Lalit Modi has lashed out at BCCI for not doing enough for the coronavirus pandemic in India.

Ex-chairman of Indian Premier League Lalit Modi has criticised the BCCI for it’s stance towards the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the country. Modi feels that the board hasn’t done enough as of now and it must donate at least 10 per cent of its earnings from IPL 2020 and IPL 2021 towards those affected by the calamity and help in their rehabilitation.

“The BCCI should pledge to give 10 per cent at least of its IPL earnings over the last two years for Covid victims and rehabilitation of the families who have lost their breadwinners. It is the fans who have made the game of cricket so big in India. This is the time to react and give back to the nation,” Modi told Mid-day in a wide-ranging interview.

As per Modi’s calculation, the amount he has proposed comes out somewhere around Rs 700-800 crores. “Imagine the difference that money can make for rehabilitation and treatment of patients,” he wondered.

While few players, IPL franchises and state cricket boards have made their contributions towards Covid relief public, BCCI is yet to make any such announcement.

“There is so much you could have done…financed the vaccine, oxygen, respirators. Build temporary hospitals, use stadiums, create that kind of infrastructure,” Modi said.

There’s also criticism of the board for going on with IPL even as thousands die on a daily basis in India with demands that the season should be called off. Modi feels doing that will only deprive more people a chance to earn livelihood.

“Let’s not snatch that away from them. Let’s not deprive few more families of their daily bread. Some domestic cricketers make major earning through the IPL in these six-eight weeks to take care of almost that entire year’s earnings. Let’s not take that away,” he said.

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first published:May 03, 2021, 08:53 IST