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London Attacks: "Multi-ethnicity is Our Strength, Attacks Can't Weaken It"

Arnab Sen |Cricketnext |June 6, 2017, 4:35 PM IST
London Attacks:

London: Panic? No! Scared? Not at all! Worried? For those who did it. This was the sequence of a quick interaction over the bar counter with 24-year old Danny, who works in a pub very close to where the attacks took place on Saturday night.

Just days after the horrific attacks in the heart of the city, when a trio of knife wielding fanatics went on a stabbing spree on the streets and inside pubs where people were just enjoying their weekend, London is back on its feet, albeit a bit cautiously.

Police vans and motorbikes are seen zooming past in the main tourist areas near the London Bridge and the Westminster, but nothing over the top. Nothing extraordinary to suggest that the city and the country in general has been on the terror radar and been attacked repeatedly in the past three months.

Two days after the latest terror strike on his city, Danny was nonchalantly going about his business as a part-time employee at the pub which is just a stone's throw away from 10 Downing Street. A chat with him was an eye opener on how the youth of London, at least, think about the problems plaguing the city.

"I am not scared. I know the attacks happened in a pub but it could happen anywhere. I will not be forced to live under the shadow of fear by these mindless j****,." he said

"These guys represent nobody. They are just bringing a bad name to the people of their religion and belittling their own religion. No religion teaches you to kill," the angry pub worker added.

Danny also said that these efforts to divide the city and eventually the world on the lines of religion won't be effective .

"These attacks will unify us more. There is a lot of rhetoric about how police should keep an eye on Muslims by some parties, but even they can't divide us. Rest of the country it might still happen but London's strength lies in being multicultural," he proudly said.

28-year old Ieva Deksnyte, who works at Leicester square, is of half-Lithuanian and half-Russian descent and she says she represents the multi-ethnicity of London which, according to her, keeps the city going against all odds.

"I believe that the people who are doing this are really troubled and lost. I am not angry at them, I only have compassion towards them. They need help to move away from these extreme ideas.

"I can't sit inside my house thinking I might get stabbed. You need to be a bit more careful. Our multi-ethnicity is Our strength, London is known globally for being one of the most welcoming cities in the world," she says.

Another London resident, who was witness to the attack, said it has dented his psyche forever. But still he doesn't see people from the community in the same light.

As far as the ongoing ICC Champions Trophy is concerned, the International Cricket Council was very prompt in its response in saying that tournament would go on as scheduled.

While that can be seen as a victory for cricket and the host nation against elements looking to destabilise the situation in the country, somewhere it also reeks of bias against the Asian countries. A similar attack during an ongoing tournament in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh would have certainly led to stronger reactions by the board.

For now, it's cricket as usual. While London gets ready to host more matches and its residents brave it out on the streets, in faraway Lahore and Karachi there could just be a glimmer of hope that may be someday Pakistan will get back to international cricket.

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