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No One Respects What I’ve Done – Chris Gayle After Another T20 Stint

As the 40-year-old ends his MSL season unhappy, he added that the franchise would need to look at what went wrong with the defending champions.

Cricketnext Staff |November 25, 2019, 7:33 PM IST
File photo of Chris Gayle. The Jamaican has landed himself in another sexism controversy. (Getty Images)

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle has decided he’s had enough and said farewell to the ongoing Mzansi Super League in a rather explosive manner as the defending champions Jozi Stars remain winless after six games.

He leaves with 101 runs from six innings, 54 of which came on Sunday which was his 400th T20 game. "As soon as I don't perform for two or three games, then Chris Gayle is the burden for the team," he said at the press conference after the Stars collapsed from a winning position against Tshwane Spartans.

"I am not talking for this team only. This is something I have analysed over the years playing franchise cricket. Chris Gayle is always a burden if I don't score runs, two, three, four times. It seems like that one particular individual is the burden for the team. And then you will hear bickering. I am not going to get respect. People don't remember what you have done for them. I don't get respect.

"And I am not talking about this franchise. I am talking generally. Even from players as well, I am talking. Players, management, head of management, board members. Chris Gayle never get no respect. Once Chris Gayle fails, it's the end of his career, he is no good, he is the worst player and all these other things. I've generally overcome these things and I expect these things and I have lived with these things."

As the 40-year-old ends his MSL season unhappy, he added that the franchise would need to look at what went wrong with the defending champions.

"This is not a champion team. This is not how defending champions should play to defend the title. Most of the times it's been a lot of uncertainty from guys and I don't know if it's an off the field problem, I don't know what's happening. I think individuals, the franchise itself, needs to look at themselves and dig deep with what is happening. Something is wrong. I don't know what it is but we need to find out what's wrong."

Gayle is yet to put a time on when he will finally call it a day, and said while he wanted a break it was the fantastic atmosphere of the MSL that brought him back for another season, only for him though to leave disappointed.

"I had so much fun last year. I didn't plan to come to play this year but because of the spirit last year, the dressing room environment was so fantastic, I just wanted to come and play. For me, I have played so many games that I know what I need to do to prepare for a tournament. The mental part is not an issue for me, it's more the physical side of things. Once I get the physical side of things right, I can still carry on for however long I want to play this game."

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