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Penalties on players skipping domestic events: Qadir

Pakistan chief selector Abdul Qadir says top players have a habit of skipping domestic tournaments.

Press Trust Of India |December 14, 2008, 9:31 PM IST
Penalties on players skipping domestic events: Qadir

Karachi: To ensure participation of top players in the domestic tournaments, Pakistan chief selector Abdul Qadir is planning to introduce severe penalties for cricketers who skip such events without any genuine reasons.

Qadir, who was recently appointed to the key post, said at a time when Pakistan was facing shortage of international cricket he would like to see all the Pakistan team members and other top players appearing in domestic tournaments.

"I am sure all the top players will make themselves available as they are doing in the Pentangular one-day tournament. These events give them a good opportunity to keep inform and fitness," he said.

When reminded that in the past top players had a habit of skipping domestic tournaments for no genuine reason, Qadir said he would be looking into this matter to see if a proper penalty could be introduced for such players.


"I have just come in but we will look to have penalties for such players. And I can tell you that the director general of cricket, Javed Miandad is not going to tolerate any such absences from domestic cricket," he said.

Qadir said he still remained hopeful of India playing its Test series against Pakistan next month.

"The series should be held. If they can't come here we can go to India or a third option is we play the series at neutral venues with proper facilities."

Qadir said although India had improved as a team and was in the top bracket these days but he was sure Pakistan would be able to compete with them on an even ground. "When we play against India the commitment, emotions and focus displayed by the players makes up for the lack of skills and talent," he said.

Qadir said if India didn't come then Pakistan would have to arrange other series or concentrate on organising domestic tournaments.

"The bottom line is that cricket activities must continue in Pakistan so that the people's emotional attachment remains with the sport and they don't lose interest in it."

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