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Pomersbach must be a team man: Hussey

Pomersbach, 24, has been banned from playing for his state side.

August 16, 2009, 11:43 AM IST
Pomersbach must be a team man: Hussey

Melbourne: Luke Pomersbach's drunken driving rampage has irked his West Australia skipper Mike Hussey who feels the Twenty20 batting star must need to get his act together before making a comeback bid to the side.

Pomersbach, 24, has been banned from playing for his state side Western Australia until at least January next year after escaping a jail sentence for a drunken rampage that included assaulting a police officer in Perth last Sunday.

"He's a really likeable character, we really love having him around our team and our squad. We love his talent, we love his hitting ability as well, there's a lot to like about him," Hussey said.

"But there's more to just being a cricketer to what you can do on the field. You've got to be part of a team, you've got to be part of a squad, you've got to fit in with the culture of a squad as well," he said. .

Hussey said the team is ready to welcome the hard-hitting left-hander, who made a lone Twenty20 appearance for Australia in December 2007, with open arms, provided he meets all the requirements of the team.

"I think that's important he goes away, tries to sort out any issues he has off the field and I know the WACA are doing everything they can do help him sort out any issues.

"And if can he meet all the requirements placed on him then I know the team will welcome him back with open arms. But he has to prove to himself, and probably to everyone, that he can get over all these issues that he's obviously having off the field," he was quoted as saying by the Australian Associated Press.

However, WACA officials said Pomersbach would be banned from playing for the side until the end of the 2010-11 season unless he met counselling criteria.

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