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South Africa defends Gibbs' jibe

Herschelle Gibbs, who had apologised for his comments has vehemently denied being a racist.

Amit Bose |January 17, 2007, 5:45 PM IST
South Africa defends Gibbs' jibe

New Delhi: It's almost certain now that Herschelle Gibbs will play the second Test against Pakistan starting on Friday. The ICC will appoint a commissioner to hear his appeal.

But Gibbs continues to get support in South Africa. A newspaper survey says 78 per cent of South Africans are supporting Herschelle, and his father has lashed out against the ICC itself.

Herschelle Gibbs who had apologised for his comments has vehemently denied being a racist.

In a statement, Tony Irish, secretary of the South African Cricketers' Association, says: "Gibbs has not made any racist remarks nor has he been racist to anyone and therefore he has not transgressed any rule of the ICC regarding racism."

Gibbs' hearing is expected to take place between the second Test, starting on Friday, and the third, to be played the following week in Cape Town.

And as the popular support builds in favour of the 32-year-old, his father also joined in saying, "The International Cricket Council are a bunch of weak-kneed administrators who want to cover up for their mistakes of the past by making an example of Herschelle Gibbs."

Herman Gibbs also lashed out at the ICC for ignoring South Africa's complaints about racist taunts in Australia. And he didn't stop there, taking on the Pakistanis as well.

"They now want to be holy and hang Herschelle, but they allow two of their players to play, even though they know they have used performance enhancers," Gibbs said.

So even as Gibbs prepares to play the second Test, his troubles aren't over. If found guilty by the ICC appeals commissioner later, his suspension could be extended to One-Dayers as well, which may leave him in the cold for the World Cup.

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