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Surpassing Brian Lara's Record Was Never on My Mind: David Warner

Australia captain Tim Paine's timing of declaration in the second Test against Pakistan, with David Warner on 335* came under the scanner in some quarters.

Cricketnext Staff |November 30, 2019, 7:42 PM IST
Surpassing Brian Lara's Record Was Never on My Mind: David Warner

Australia captain Tim Paine's timing of declaration, with David Warner unbeaten on 335 and having a realistic chance of going past Brian Lara's record Test score of 400, came under the scanner in some quarters during the second Test against Pakistan in Adelaide.

Warner, however, brushed aside any criticism of the declaration saying the record was never in his mind.

"I don't think so at all. We really looked at the weather that's around tomorrow, we wanted to give ourselves a lot of time," Warner told reporters after the knock.

"If we could have the amount of overs we did tonight and try to get a couple of wickets, we've managed to get six wickets down, if there is a bit of rain about tomorrow, the bowlers get a good rest, only have to come out and try to get 14 wickets in the last two days, so it wasn't a thing in our mind to go out there and try to get that record or anything. It was more about putting our team in a great position to win the Test."

Warner revealed that Paine extended Australia's innings to allow Warner to get past Don Bradman's 334, the Australian record that was broken on Saturday.

"The first person I asked was Smithy when I was out there batting. I said how many overs do you reckon we'll have at them tonight, and it was literally that perfect amount. Then I came in, I think at that break, and I said 'when are we declaring', and they said '5.40pm' and I said 'ok'.

"I kept on asking when we were out there, we got to five, then ten past five, and I was making sure that was still the message and it was. Until I think that last over before, it just ticked over and Painey wanted me to try and get past that 334 mark.

"To achieve passing Sir Donald Bradman's highest Test score, you look at it as a kid growing up and thinking, who is ever going to beat that in general. Then Brian Lara gets 400, Matthew Hayden gets 380, Tubby equalled Bradman against Pakistan, then Michael Clarke might have passed it but he declared.

"It's in the back of your mind, but you never think you are ever going to get yourself definitely. But when you get an opportunity like that, you want to try your best to see how good you are against the greatest we've ever had."

After a special day, Warner remembered his interaction with Virender Sehwag during his early days in the IPL.

"When I met Virender Sehwag for Delhi in the IPL, he said to me I'll be a better Test player than a T20 player," he said. "I said you're out of your mind, I've not played many first-class games.

"He always said they'll have slips and gully, covers will be open, mid off and mid on will be up, you can get off to a flier and sit there all day and you'll be picking them all off. It's always stuck in my mind, it sounded very easy then."

Warner's form in the home summer comes after a tough Ashes tour of England, where he managed only 95 runs from 10 innings. Warner, however, said he wasn't out of form but just out of runs.

"You're going to have people who doubt you, and through that whole series I said 'I wasn't out of form, I was out of runs'," he said. "If I had my time again I would've not changed my guard, I wouldn't have listened to some external noises, I would've backed myself more and bat where I have been here outside off, leaving the ball patiently, getting my bat and pad closer together and under my nose, and I am capable of that.

"I just think in England you can get caught up in playing too much in front, especially with the way I play, so I've had to regroup coming back from England, I've hit 3500-4000 balls leading into Brisbane and here as well I batted for a good two hours per session as well.

"It's not by chance that I've actually tightened all that up, I've actually been working really hard on it in the nets, it's one of those things where I'm a very confident person, whether I scored these runs or didn't score these runs, I still hold my head up high and have that little smirk on my face that I always have."

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