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Testing times continue for Yuvraj Singh

Testing times continue for Yuvraj Singh

A series of batting failures threaten Yuvraj's place in the eleven.

Canberra: It wasn't too long ago when he couldn't put a foot wrong. But under a month in Australia, and Yuvraj Singh faces some uncomfortable questions. A series of batting failures are threatening his place in the Indian Test eleven.

The stage was set against a club level bowling attack, pretty good batting conditions, his team comfortably placed. But Yuvraj failed again, falling for just two to a timid poke to gully.

This was Yuvraj's fifth straight failure Down Under. He averages a dismal 4.25 in the Test series and has played a mere 48 balls in four innings. Desperately seeking a change in fortune, Yuvraj would do well to hear the words of his former captain.

"He has got to look at the confidence he has had with the successes that he's had in in One-Day cricket over the last 6-8 months. He has got to look at those things and see them as positives," former India captain Rahul Dravid points out.

Perhaps making the front page for the wrong reasons, too, has taken its toll. The usually vivacious Yuvraj has been lethargic, and, shockingly, sometimes even untidy on the field. But the man who mentored him to these heights, though, cautions against writing him off.

"All I can say to all of you is that don't make people champions in two games and don't put them down in two games. Give them time, I'm sure they'll do well again," Sourav Ganguly retorts.

Perhaps Yuvraj feels the pressure of talk that says India have bent over backwards to play him. His childhood hero, though, says Yuvraj has no cause for worry.

"This can happen to any player. A couple of innings here and there and you don't score runs doesn't mean you get back to your rooms and start worrying about your batting," Sachin Tendulkar says.

India will almost definitely get a second hit here in Canberra, and Yuvraj Singh will be desparate for a long innings. Perth will be a real test for the Indian batsmen, and Yuvraj knows the confidence of runs will do him a world of good.

first published:January 10, 2008, 19:34 IST