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Tough to sustain place in the team: Kaif

July 19, 2007, 8:32 PM IST
Tough to sustain place in the team: Kaif

Mumbai: Mohammad Kaif wants to weigh lighter, both in feet and mind. Addressing a media gathering before the India A team’s departure to Kenya and Zimbabwe, Kaif said that he didn’t want to think too much about his comeback.

However he admitted that it hasn’t been easy to live in wilderness.

Kaif said, "I have spent nearly seven months watching my colleagues play. Obviously it is disappointing not to be part of the side. It has been tough but I used the break to work on my batting."

Kaif mentioned that he has been trying to perfect his feet movement after discussing a few areas with his friends and coach.

Besides, a changed grip has been put to test in order to pack more power behind his shots.

On several youngsters pushing for places, he remarked, "Getting there is the first step but it is always tough to sustain your place in the team. Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble have done that over the years. That for me is the real challenge."

On playing less-intimidating sides he remarked, "Whatever be the quality of the opposition, playing outside India on unfamiliar conditions always helps. I don’t want to think that we are playing Zimbabwe and Kenya. I am keen on keeping some good form going. It is important that I stay focussed, watch the ball closely, be positive and relax."

Coach Chandrakant Pandit said that coaching the India A team is a "prestigious" moment in his career and a great opportunity to prove himself.

He agreed that a preparatory camp could have useful as it would have given the players time to familiarise themselves with each other.

Pandit said, "We could have done with a few practice sessions but we had to drop the idea since we didn’t enjoy the best of conditions."

Pandit clarified that he was well-acquainted with the squad.

In this regard he mentioned, "I was coach of the Maharashtra team and have seen most the players in domestic cricket. Nobody is unknown to me."

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