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Vettori slams Ponting in 'Turning Point'

Vettori slams Ponting in 'Turning Point'

Vettori holds Ponting responsible for 'Monkey-gate' incident.

Christchurch: Close on the heels of Aussie players hitting out at Indian and Sri Lankan players in their newly released books, Kiwi skipper Daniel Vettori has said that his Australian counterpart Ricky Ponting was always "spoiling for a fight" in his new book Turning Point.

The willy spinner has written that the Australians, not used to seeing teams stand up and take them on aggressively like the Indians did on their previous tour of Australia earlier this year, seemed to rub off Ponting and his mates, leading to the 'Monkey-gate' incident.

"If a team was going to play the game hard and stand up to everything the Aussies hurled at them, there was going to be trouble. I don't think many of us were surprised about the so-called 'Monkey-gate' affair," he wrote in his new book.

"There are always a few individuals in every team who overstate their position or overplay their importance. Ponting led his team very aggressively and probably hasn't often had to face an opposition team that's been just as aggressive in response," he adds.

"Add to the mix Matthew Hayden and Symonds - who are always at you on the field - and you've probably got the three most overtly aggressive players in world cricket. They like to get under the skin of their opponents, whereas the other guys in the Aussie team just get on with the game," he wrote.

Vettori's observations are sure to rub some of the Aussie players in the wrong side and one can expects sparks flying when the two teams clash at Brisbane on Thursday.

first published:November 18, 2008, 09:43 IST