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VVS Laxman Takes Fans Down Memory Lane With His Iconic One-Handed Catch

India won that game by just 3 runs but Laxman was quite the man with his stunning one handed catch.

VVS Laxman Takes Fans Down Memory Lane With His Iconic One-Handed Catch

The world of cricket is very exciting but some moments of the game surpass the limitations of the word excitement and become iconic,whether it’s a phenomenal shot or miraculous fielding. Former Indian batsman VVS Laxman took a trip down the memory lane to share his most iconic moment on the field where he performed a miracle of sorts. The retired cricketer shared a clip where he took a very impressive catch with just one hand extending parallel to him. He called the moment “Has to be the best catch I took in my career.”

The fielder literally slid in air, his reflexes at Cheetah-speed, to catch the ball with just one hand.

The video was originally uploaded by Rob Moody, who according to his bio and over 60K followers, is a “cricket MEGA fan".While he very mildly said Laxman could “play cricket pretty good",the moment is far greater than that.

Have a look here:

The clip brought back memories not only for Laxman but for his fans as well. Many started reminiscing the days when legends like Laxman and Rahul Dravid would play the game with sheer grace and talent.

As many fans noted, the clip is from the 2004 VB series where India played against Zimbabwe.Travis Friend was at the bat where he tried to strike hard on pacer Ajit Agarkar’s delivery. Unlucky for him, and fortunately for team India, the slip was covered by Laxman and his agile limbs didn’t let the ball fly by.

It was one of the most nail-biting moments in Indian cricket history where all seemed lost till the last moment. Despite Laxman’s outstanding performance at the bat, the second innings suffered as Indian bowlers and fielders seemed unable to contain the Zimbabwe batters from achieving the target of 280 runs.

Star of the match, Laxman had scored 131 off 138 balls to help India set this formidable target for the opposing team. India won that game by a meagre 3 runs.

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1 Australia 3028 116
2 New Zealand 2406 115
3 India 3085 114
4 England 4326 106
5 Sri Lanka 2454 91
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1 England 5405 123
2 India 6102 117
3 New Zealand 3716 116
4 Australia 4344 111
5 South Africa 3345 108
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1 England 6877 275
2 Australia 6800 272
3 India 10186 268
4 Pakistan 7516 259
5 South Africa 5047 252
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